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radical feminist and women's rights activist 


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June 9 - 4, 2024
<<Israel war cabinet minister likely to announce departure Saturday...
and <<Autonomous weapons: Palantir, Airbus engineers seek to calm 'killer robot" fears...
and <<WHO: We have documented 464 attacks on healthcare facilities in Gaza...
and <<Israel transfers Gazan prisoners from detention center where army is accused of torture...
and "If the enemy, like netanyahus' warcriminals, is not killing us it makes us stronger" Anonymus escaped prisoner...
and <<Macron tells Netanyahu Palestinian Authority should govern Gaza...
and <<French parliament once again in uproar over Palestinian flag...
and more news but most with a 'give way or go away' yell!

June 7 - 4, 2024
<<Live: Israel pounds Gaza from ground, air and sea as war enters its ninth month...
and <<Live: 'Positive signs' from Hamas on Gaza truce, Egyptian state-linked media report...
and <<At least 36,654 Palestinians killed since Oct.7...
and <<UK urged to admit 11 Gaza children hurt in the war for urgent treatment...
and <<Middle East Youth Initiative to hold conference in Beirut
and <<Israeli attacks on refugee camps in Gaza kill 15
and more news but most with a 'give way or go away' yell!


May 23, 2024
In commemoration of Roshdi Sarraj
and tribute to

Shrouq Al Aila


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 When one hurts or kills a women
one hurts or kills hummanity and is an antrocitie.
Gino d'Artali
and: My mother (1931-1997) always said to me <Mi figlio, non esistono notizie <vecchie> perche puoi imparare qualcosa da qualsiasi notizia.> Translated: <My son, there is no such thing as so called 'old' news because you can learn something from any news.>
Gianna d'Artali.

France 24 - June 9, 2024
<<Live: Aid deliveries to Gaza resume through US-built pier
The first aid from an American-built pier arrived in Gaza on Saturday since storm damage required repairs to the project, the US military said, relaunching an effort to bring supplies to Palestinians by sea that had been plagued with problems. The pier constructed by the US military was operational for only about a week before it was blown apart in high winds and heavy seas on May 25.
The first aid from an American-built pier arrived in Gaza on Saturday since storm damage required repairs to the project, the US military said, relaunching an effort to bring supplies to Palestinians by sea that had been plagued with problems.
At least 36,801 Palestinians have been killed and 83,680 wounded in Israel's war in Gaza, according to the territory's Hamas-run health ministry. Some 1,170 people were killed in the Hamas-led October 7 attacks and 250 people were taken hostage, with about 120 remaining in Gaza, according to Israeli tallies. Many have been declared dead by Israeli authorities.>>
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France 24 - June 8, 2024
<<More than 200 dead in Israeli strike on Gaza refugee camp, Hamas says
Hamas's government media office said at least 210 people were killed Saturday in Israeli attacks on a central Gaza refugee camp from which four hostages were rescued. The deadly attacks came after the Israeli army announced the rescue of four Israeli hostages in Nuseirat earlier Saturday in an operation that they said took place <under fire>.>>
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France 24 - June 8, 2024
<<Israel war cabinet minister likely to announce departure Saturday
Israel's war cabinet member Benny Gantz said Friday he will hold a press conference on Saturday, with Israeli media reporting he was likely to announce his departure from the government. Gantz said last month he would resign from the war cabinet if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not approve a post-war plan for the Gaza Strip by June 8.>>
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France 24 - June 8, 2024
<<Israeli forces bombards refugee camp in Gaza
Israeli forces bombarded a Gaza refugee camp Friday after a deadly strike on a UN-school there, as the war sparked by Hamas's unprecedented attack on Israel entered its ninth month. Efforts to mediate the first ceasefire in the bloody conflict since a week-long pause in November appear to have stalled a week after US President Joe Biden offered a new roadmap.>>
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France 24 - June 8, 2024
<<Live: Israel pounds Gaza as Benny Gantz expected to resign from war cabinet
Israel continued to pound large parts of the Gaza Strip on Saturday as the country waited for Benny Gantz, a leading member of Israel's war cabinet, to potentially announce his resignation in a press conference this evening. Gantz had previously threatened to step down from Binyamin Netanyahu's government over the prime minister's refusal to draw up postwar plans for Gaza. Follow our liveblog for all the latest developments in the Israel-Hamas war.
Former defense minister Benny Gantz, a key member of Israel's war cabinet, is due to hold a press conference on Saturday, with Israeli media reporting he is likely to announce his resignation over Netanyahu's refusal to draw up postwar plans for Gaza. US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron are expected to discuss the latest ceasefire proposal between Hamas and Israel in a meeting in Paris on Saturday.
Israel's army on Friday said 17 militants were killed in its attack on a UN school in Gaza on Thursday. According to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs hospital, a total of 37 people died in the strike.>>
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France 24 - June 7, 2024 - By Peter O'BRIEN
<<Autonomous weapons: Palantir, Airbus engineers seek to calm 'killer robot" fears
Top AI engineers at defence technology companies defended the need for autonomous weapons on Thursday, amid a push for a ban on so-called <killer robots>. More than 115 countries and 250 non-governmental organisations are calling for an international treaty to ban weapons that use artificial intelligence to identify and engage human targets, technology which United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called <morally repugnant.>. Antoine Bordes, head of artificial intelligence at European defence start-up Helsing, told a conference at Sciences Po university in Paris: <The battlefield is flooded with data ... whoever can harness this data, understand it, make sense of it faster is going to have a tactical edge.>
<The role for any AI is not just to get faster decisions but also to get more accurate decision making,> said Megha Arora, Responsible AI Product Lead at American military software developer Palantir. <Where we choose to operate and what kinds of workflow we help enable, there are always ethical considerations that are involved in a case-by-case or customer-by-customer basis.> On Wednesday, European aerospace giant Airbus announced a partnership with Helsing to develop unmanned military aircraft. Bernhard Krach, a senior engineer at Airbus, lauded the <huge engagement> in the work of the EU's defence agency on the responsible use of AI. He pointed to existing safeguards, saying: <In the military domain, you have risk assessments in place>, a sentiment echoed by Bordes, who said weapons like aircraft and drones <already have safety guidelines, standards and certification processes.> Arora said existing international humanitarian law <gives you legal basis for safe and appropriate use of autonomous weapons systems, but there's no implementation guidance.> <When you think about proportionality, you can't programme it into code,> she said. Weapons with autonomous capabilities - like Ukraine's Saker drone, Russia's Lancet missile and Turkey's Kargu UAV - have already been deployed in battle, according to the Autonomous Weapons Watch observatory. Meanwhile, Israel has come under scrutiny for its use of the software <Lavender>, which reportedly uses AI to recommend possible militants to strike in Gaza. In January, Palantir signed a <strategic partnership> with Israel's defence ministry to <supply technology to help the country's war effort>.>>
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Attacks on healthcare facilities in Gaza
Jinha - Womens News Agency - June 7, 2024
<<WHO: We have documented 464 attacks on healthcare facilities in Gaza
The World Health Organization has announced that the organization has documented 464 attacks on healthcare facilities and equipment in the Gaza Strip since the start of the war.
News Center- Since October 7, 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO) has documented 464 attacks on health care in the Gaza Strip, the organization said Friday in a statement on social platform X. According to WHO, attacks have resulted in 727 fatalities, 933 injuries, affected 101 health facilities and 113 ambulances. <Two-fifths (37%) of attacks were in Gaza City, nearly a quarter (23%) in north Gaza, and over a quarter (28%) in Khan Younis,> the statement said.
'Health care is not a target'
<Health care is not a target,> said the organization, calling for the respect of international law and active protection of civilians and health care.>>

Le Monde - June 6, 2024 - By Clothilde Mraffko (Jerusalem correspondent)
<<Israel transfers Gazan prisoners from detention center where army is accused of torture
The Israeli army will transfer hundreds of prisoners out of the Sde Teiman military-run detention center after the deaths of 36 detainees there. An Israeli healthworker who was onsite at the center's field hospital told Le Monde he witnessed 'human rights violations.'
Sde Teiman, a large military base in the middle of the Negev desert in southern Israel, has been the main detention center for prisoners from Gaza for months. Those who have been released tell stories of torture, sexual violence and humiliation. Hundreds of detainees are forced to kneel for hours, shackled and blindfolded.
No outside observers have been allowed in to monitor what is happening in the detention center. Since October 7, the International Committee of the Red Cross has had no access to Israeli prisons. The army told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that it is conducting criminal investigations into the deaths of 48 Palestinians, including 36 at Sde Teiman. On Monday, June 3, the newspaper reported that no arrests had been made.
A military source confirmed to Le Monde the deaths of 36 detainees, "including people suffering from illnesses or injuries linked to the ongoing hostilities," without specifying in which detention center they died. The military claimed to have opened some 70 investigations into acts committed in connection with its actions in Gaza. According to the Israeli army, investigations were "ongoing." It said some cases had resulted in sanctions going as far as prison sentences.
Several Israeli NGOs filed an appeal with Israel's Supreme Court, calling for the immediate closure of Sde Teiman. The day after the hearing, on May 28, the chief of the general staff of the Israeli army, Herzi Halevi, announced the appointment of an "advisory committee" to examine the detention conditions in the camp. On Wednesday, June 5, Israel announced that it had begun transferring Palestinian detainees to the Ofer Prison, in the occupied West Bank, and Ktzi'ot, in the Negev. Out of 700 prisoners, only 200 are expected to remain at Sde Teiman, which the authorities intend to transform into a temporary detention center, to sort detainees and conduct preliminary interrogations, its "initial use."
Read more Subscribers only Israeli military accused of torturing Palestinian inmates
Israel therefore seemed to recognize that Sde Teiman has not, until now, respected the guarantees of Israeli and international law. The army refutes these accusations, claiming that detainees are fed three times a day and receive medical follow-up. The judges have given the authorities until June 10 to prove that they are improving detention conditions. NGOs are still calling for the center to be closed. The Association for Civil Rights in Israel said the "egregious violations at Sde Teiman make depriving these people of liberty blatantly unconstitutional," and described the "unimaginable abuses" at the facility, which they said could lead to Israeli officials being charged with war crimes.>>
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Le Monde - June 4, 2024 - By Clothilde Mraffko (Jerusalem correspondent)
<<Israeli military accused of torturing Palestinian inmates
At least 40 Palestinians from the enclave are reported to have died while in the custody of the Israeli army.
A few dozen Israelis gathered silently in front of the fence of the Sde Teiman military base in the Negev desert under the scorching sun of an April morning. <Sde Teiman, torture camp,> read one of the black banners they unfurled, in English and Arabic. Hundreds of Palestinians arrested by the military in Gaza are being held in the barracks behind the demonstrators. Since October 7, <the mistreatment [of Palestinians] has reached a particularly tragic peak, with ferocious violence motivated by revenge. This place embodies these crimes more than any other,> said Oneg Ben Dror, one of the organizers of the rally, her mouth dry and her hands trembling. After 10 minutes or so, the sit-in dispersed. A few days earlier, on April 18, the NGO Physicians for Human Rights Israel (PHRI) - where Ben Dror also works - published a petition signed by over 1,000 Israeli and international doctors calling for the closure of Sde Teiman. <The presence of medical personnel in a place where treatment and conditions amount to torture is prohibited,> the petition reads. According to two sources familiar with detention conditions, at least 40 Palestinians from Gaza have died while in custody of the Israeli military. The army has acknowledged some deaths, including those of detainees <suffering from pre-existing illnesses or wounded in combat,> without officially specifying the number. It claims that investigations have been opened into each case, but that they are still ongoing. Contacted by PHRI, the Israeli Ministry of Health indicated at the end of March that only one autopsy had been carried out since October 7, suggesting that the vast majority of deaths had not been subjected to such an examination.
No access to judges, lawyers
Israel refuses to divulge the number of Gazan prisoners held by the army, at Sde Teiman or elsewhere. Palestinians often have no idea why they have been arrested; they have no access to a judge or a lawyer. The only Gazan detainees counted are those held in Israeli prisons: 865 are jailed under the status of <illegal fighters.> Their names are not published. The families in Gaza <ask just one simple question: are their loved ones alive or not? For the past six months, we've been unable to give them an answer,> summed up Naji Abbas, who is in charge of the case at PHRI. <These are enforced disappearances.> In mid-April, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, published a report based on the testimonies of 1,506 former Gaza detainees who met them at the Kerem Shalom crossing in the south of the enclave, the site where the military releases them. They recounted the systematic violence, having been forced to kneel all day, for 12 to 16 hours, hands tied, blindfolded. <There were people with Alzheimer's, old people who were blind, people with disabilities who couldn't walk, people who had shrapnel in their backs and couldn't stand up,> said one of them, aged 46. <Torture was for everyone.> >>
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"If the enemy, like netanyahus' warcriminals, is not killing us it makes us stronger" Anonymus escaped prisoner.

Le Monde - June 4, 2024 - By AFP
<<Macron tells Netanyahu Palestinian Authority should govern Gaza
The French president backed the proposal for a Gaza ceasefire in phone talks with Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday.
France's President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday, June 4, told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the Palestinian Authority should <ensure the governance> of the Gaza Strip, the presidential office said. Macron in phone talks backed the proposal for a Gaza ceasefire and hostage release deal presented by US President Joe Biden. <This deal should reopen a credible perspective for the implementation of a two-state solution, the only one able to provide Israel with the necessary security guarantees and to respond to the legitimate aspirations of Palestinians,> he said. <Gaza must be an integral part of a future Palestinian state, and a reformed and reinforced Palestinian Authority, with the help of the international community, should ensure its governance,> he added. In a bid to boost mediation efforts after almost eight months of war, Biden on Friday said that Israel was offering a new three-stage roadmap. According to the US president, Israel's offer would begin with a six-week phase that would see its forces withdraw from populated areas of Gaza and an initial hostage-prisoner exchange. The parties would then negotiate for a lasting ceasefire, with the truce to continue as long as talks are ongoing. In its final phase, the plan would lead to the reconstruction of the devastated Palestinian territory without Palestinian militant group Hamas in power, Biden said.
Le Monde with AFP>>
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Le Monde - June 4, 2024 - By AFP
<<French parliament once again in uproar over Palestinian flag
Amid left-wing lawmakers dressed in the colors of the Palestinian flag, radical left La France Insoumise party MP Rachel Keke stood up and brandished the flag. The president of the Assemblée Nationale sanctioned her and temporarily suspended the session. The French parliament erupted in tumult on Tuesday, June 6, as a radical left lawmaker stood up with a Palestinian flag, a week after another MP was temporarily suspended for doing so. Rachel Keke, an MP for the La France Insoumise (LFI, radical left) party, brandished the flag at the start of a government questions session in the Assemblée Nationale. She stood up amid a flood of Green, Communist and LFI lawmakers who had dressed in green, white, red and black for the occasion and arranged to sit so that from afar they looked like the Palestinian flag. <No, no, no, no, no,> said Assemblée Nationale President Yael Braun-Pivet. <I thought things were very clear and that you had, like everyone else, been able to read our rules,> she said, calling for Keke to be sanctioned and temporarily suspending the session. Earlier, the speaker had reminded the left-wing lawmakers that parliamentarians were supposed to express themselves <exclusively in the oral form.> Fellow LFI parliament member Sebastien Delogu brandished the flag at the same session last week, causing him to be suspended for two weeks and have his parliamentary allowance cut by half for two months. Keke, a former hotel chambermaid born in Ivory Coast, was elected to parliament in 2022. She made a name for herself after winning a grueling battle for better working conditions in the Paris hotel where she cleaned. The latest Gaza war has sparked tensions in France, a country with the largest Jewish community of any country after Israel and the United States, as well as Europe's biggest Muslim community. French President Emmanuel Macron has said he would be prepared to recognize a Palestinian state, but such a move should <come at a useful moment> and not be based on <emotion.> Jean-Noel Barrot, junior minister for Europe, repeated this stance in parliament. <This decision must be useful,> he said.
Le Monde with AFP>>

'Food for thought': Strong (Hamas) soldiers move in silence. Gino d'Artali

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