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About was founded in December 2019 by Gino d'Artali and its first issue published in February 2020. In its first 2 years its center focus was on the so-called 'International women's day' but in its second year it also shifted its attention to the environmental problems because it did and does not only endanger our earth and health in general but also and even moreso the living conditions of single women i.e. mothers.
The last still occupies me a lot but... read on. In any case, after 2 years of intensively following the what I called the feminist movement and its activities and activists I found that, especially in the West, it had failed and since coincidence, in my opinion, does not excist, then all of a sudden there was and is the Women-led Iranian 'Woman, Life, Freedom' movement and the also Women-led revolutions in the Middle-east and  kind of saved feminism from a sudden and silent death.

So some very important chances has taken place:
1: name/title: was Womans Liberation Front and has changed to and is a feminist monthly and since  the 'Zan Zendegi Azadi (Woman Life Freedom)' movement that broke out in September 2022 after Jina Amani, 17-years old, was heinously killed by the basij for apparently wearing her headscarf wrongfully it became a weekly online magazine.
2: Before I called myself the journalist-in-chief and editor-in-chief and webmaster-in-chief. But I don't like the word 'chief'! From now on I'm Gino d'Artali, indept investigative journalist (since 1982), and editor and fighting against the patriarchic oppression and atrocities against women globally but since September 2019 and way earlier. By the way, the #Me Too movement has died a sudden and silent death too.

My goal: is not a political magazine but ... it does report on governments and politicians who are grossly failing to protect women in general and prosecute perpetrators which makes them co-perpetrators as well as co-guilty of atrocities against women. The goal of cryfreedom is to expose all!!

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I've always knows that when I persevere I can make a difference
be it thanks to the international media I refer to and quote from,
and the readers
and last but not least
the women who fight back against the perpetrators and dictators.

The sponsor:
Paolo Innocente, Belgium, individual sponsor of the domainname and hosting and very dear friend who to my deepest grief passed away. I miss him very much because he was a very dear comrade.

Gino d'Artali, born at Sicily, Italy: founder of Woman's Liberation Front/Cryfreedom and 
an independent socially engaged indept investigative journalist, radical feminist and women's activist and not on the payroll of newspapers, magazines, radio- or television stations.
My sources are trustworthy and free of fake news

3: that brings me to the following:

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The 4 mentioned are my main online sources online out of which I quote the most important news that relates to the goal of
and to inform you about the global athrocities against women in general and also about violating the rights of women.

And you can trust them and me: NO fake news!!!

By the way: any feedback, negative or positive, would be welcome!!


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