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Greta Thunberg, Sweden, climate rebel, activist and amazon warrior
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November 14th. 2019

IS is an ideologie, not a religion.

Whe are now about 5 years away when it all started but today I'm really fuckung pissid off because back then no western country where willing to help the Jezidi's nor to fight against the IS. In that case it where the Kurds who came to the aid of the Jezidi's and only they really defeated the IS in Syria.

Who are the Jazidis.

Yazidis are an endogamous and mostly Kurmanji-speaking group of contested ethnic origin, indigenous to Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. The majority of Yazidis remaining in the Middle East today live in Iraq, primarily in the Nineveh and Dohuk governorates.

Iraq:500,000 (2018 estimate)

Syria:10,000 (2017 estimate)

Australia:2,738 (2019 estimate)

Armenia:35,272 (2011 census)

Turkey:5,000 (2010 estimate)

For the past decenias most lived at on the mountain of Sinjar, Iraqi-Syrian border.

What happened to them.

The men were killed, made the enslaved women and children trained as fighter. If there is one nation suffered greatly under the yoke of IS, then it was the Yazidis. Journalist Brenda Ram Boscolo wrote their stories.

A woman. One woman is so far to the right for the incredible atrocities terrorist group IS did to the Yazidis. German jihadiste which bought in Iraq Yezidis-girl five years as a slave house, the girl died when she was punished outside in the blazing sun and chained. The jihadiste is now in Germany to court for murder and war crimes.



First, everyone let it happen. And hardly anyone is now prosecuted for what happened. While just genocide of a people has been committed, "said reporter Brenda Ram Boscolo. On October 1 displays her book "The Forgotten" on the fate of the Yazidis. Their story needs to be told that they like themselves. "

Mass graves

Journalist Brenda Ram Boscolo wrote the book The forgotten people, the story of the Yezidis and the last genocide

Journalist Brenda Ram Boscolo wrote the book The forgotten people, the story of the Yezidis and the last genocide. Terror Group IS falls in the summer of 2014 in northern Iraq, the region where dwell the Yazidis. That population depends on private beliefs IS designates them as infidel 'devil worshipers'. Therefore thus find the jihadists, you can do with them what you want. The Yazidis flee by the thousands on Mount Sinjar, where many die from the heat and lack of water.

Downstairs are certainly other Yezidis killed 1300 men and thrown into mass graves. More than six thousand women, girls and young boys are kidnapped and taken to the Caliphate, where they are distributed, sold or raffled IS fighters. Women are humiliated as domestic and sex slaves. The boys brought up cubs of the Caliphate, they are sometimes used in suicide attacks.

I've been in legal actions in the Kurdish part of Iraq. There are IS'ers condemned because they were members of a terrorist organization, but not for what they did to the Yazidis. To their testimonies will not be asked in court. While that may be, I spoke to a woman who had a whole list of names of the men who had their 'bought'. The judge said that we leave to the international community, the UN is doing research. "

The IS'ers that occur are often sentenced to death, with groups at a time, from less than an hour lawsuits. The Yezidis watch's against it?

Only when the perpetrators are punished for what they have done to them, that the recognition of their suffering. Then only can heal their pain really started. "

Source: AD Netherlands

Why am I pissed of?

That might be obvious enough but...I saw a documentary made in the Hasakah where 500 IS prisoners where held after being caught by the peshermerga and really all IS's said:"We did'nt know. We don't have blood on our hands".
That's what all Germans said at the end of world war 2 and the atrocities of the nazis.





November 24th. It is only since 2017 that the UN has tried to start an international tribunal against the IS for warcrimes.

The E.U. tries to convinces Turkye and Syria to trial IS combatants in their country but...Erdogan threatens to send back IS fighters to their country of origin like there are the Netherlands. Belgium, Germany, France and the UK. However, 500 fighters, mothers and children are held prison in Syria by the by Kurds who defeated IS and guarded in the hasakah prison camp.

Netherlands. November 11th. Family of IS mothers went to court in an attempt to force the Dutch goverment to repatriate their daughters.

November 24th. The Dutch state won its appeal not to repariate.

November 24th. Germany repatriated 3 IS German mothers and their children.

November 29th.: Syria evicted 2 Belgian IS woman back to Belgium where both prevously where convicted to each 5 years in jail which they still have to serve apart from new convictions for terrorist activities.

editor Gino d'Artali

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