Quarter 2 May 31th. - September 1t5h.
Urgent rescue call for  Latifa Al Maktoum aka princess/sheikha of Dubai
Urgent call for Nasrin Sotoudeh (Iran)
' Lipstick and Gas Masks ': Women in times of resistance Mashid Mohadjerin

London Climate Rebelion 1
London Climate Rebelion 2

Special Climate Alert:
Greta Thunberg, Sweden, climate rebel, activist and amazon warrior
Alexandria Villaseñor, NYC, climate rebel, activist and amazon warrior
Global march 2019

Quarter 1 FEB- 31 MAY 2019 : Malala Yousafhai Pakistan - Nigerian schoolgirls - Peshmerga female combatants Koerdistan -
Greta Thunberg, Sweden, climate rebel/activist.


Global climate march March 15th.

Luctor et emergo.
I struggle but remain up. Originally a medieval Britisch saying meaning that whoever tries to conquer us we'll remain.

Coincidently I visited a very dear comrade who's in the hospital since about 3 months and he said: “Gino, I don't get many visitors but you're the only one I can talk with.” Adding that we both would never give up.

And I had to think of the sisters in climate action, the now 16 year old Greta Thunberg from Sweden and the 14 year old Alexandria Villasenor from New York City who have the same power in them to, in their case, asked for a global call to act about the climate crisis and for a global march on March 15th. and indeed they got the attention of 2.5 million people wo went globally to march and protest.



Amazon climate power with Greta Thunberg

and Alexandria Villaseñor


Australia, Usa, New Zealand,


Europe, Africa, Scandinavia


Hongkong, Korea, Berlin

and a total of 123 countries with over 2000 events.
and also view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xS1aGYYcuE

But it doesn't stop here, not with the school strikes nor with the global climate crisis because most recently Mozambique's half of its country has been flooded by a cyclone leaving 1.100.000 people homeless and in shelters and even worse there's a cholera epidemic. Also in Iran there have been extreme rain floodings as there have been many in countries globally. Already now the West expressed their fear that a new kind of refugees will come seek shelter in the West.

In the meantime Greta Thunberg has been nominated for the nobel peace prize.

Care for each other and
for our Mother Earth”

chief editor
Gino d'Artali


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