Quarter 2 May 31th. - September 1t5h.
Urgent rescue call for  Latifa Al Maktoum aka princess/sheikha of Dubai
Urgent call for Nasrin Sotoudeh (Iran)
' Lipstick and Gas Masks ': Women in times of resistance Mashid Mohadjerin

London Climate Rebelion 1
London Climate Rebelion 2

Greta Thunberg, Sweden, climate rebel, activist and amazon warrior says: "I'll be back!"

Special Climate Alert:
Greta Thunberg, Sweden, climate rebel, activist and amazon warrior
Alexandria Villaseñor, NYC, climate rebel, activist and amazon warrior
Global march 2019

Quarter 1 FEB- 31 MAY 2019 : Malala Yousafhai Pakistan - Nigerian schoolgirls - Peshmerga female combatants Koerdistan -
Greta Thunberg, Sweden, climate rebel/activist.


Climate Rebellion part 2:

It is very well possible that the climate rebels in London were inspired by Greta Thunberg from Sweden when she gave the E.U. leaders a lesson they will not soon forget:

In the meantime in different countries like
Iran, South Africa, Mozambique and Indonesia people were suffering severely from mass flooding.

And Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, says that children understand more about the devestating effects of how we deal with the environment than president trump does.

The Netherlands: the mare of Amsterdam, miss  Femke Halsema, has decided that before 2030 any vehicles using gasoline or diesel will not be allowed into town anymore! Now thats's what I call a decision to reduce CO2.
On May the 24th. 2019 in Utrecht 7500 kids striked from school again and hit the street supported by an open letter from 300 teachers.

Belgium: 2/3 of the flemisch people, mostly right wing, are not willing to pay even a penny to help reduce the CO2 danger.
But still approx. 20.000 people hit the streets in a demonstration on May 17th. 2019 demanding, among other thing, to change,the constitution adding, as one demontrants calls it: ""What we are asking for is to change the Constitution". Article 23 says:' everyone has the right to a decent life.' In concrete terms, this means: a healthy climate." Already about a month before demonstrants were camping outside the parlaiment with the same demand but the politicians said that since there were election were coming there was nothing they could do and that changing the constitution would have to wait 5 year! Bolocks!!

Worldwide: all the airplane constructors including travel agencies refused to sign the Paris agreement concerning the environment i.e. the emmission of CO2. Now by and by, be it very slowly, especially Western European countries let them, i.e. the passengers, pay them taxes on the use of kerosine. At least it's a start.


Care for each other and care for our Mother Earth”

Gino d'Artali

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