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                                                                                                            CRYFREEDOM 2019/2020

The Palestine/US journalist Shireen Abu Akleh aka 'Jazeerian' shot through the head and slaughtered by an Israeli sniper.

Update: <<Arab League calls on the world to stop Israel's violations on children....May 29, 2023
<<Shireen Abu Akleh: friends and family visit resting place one year on ....May 13, 2023
<<Gaza: Israel confesses to intentionally killing children to pressure resistance....May 13, 2023
<<Shireen Abu Akleh personified truth to power .... May 14, 2023
Al Jazeera takes journalist's 'brutal' killing to ICC.... May 14, 2023  
Al Jazeera commemorates 100 days since Abu Akleh's killing.....
August 18, 2020...
The aftermath part 4 12 July-29 June 2022
The aftermath part 3 29 June-31 May 2022

The assasination.
14-11 May 2022
International press:
The Palestine/US journalist Shireen Abu Akleh aka 'Jazeerian' shot through the head and slaughtered by an Israeli sniper.


The aftermath.
International press:
Part 2: 27-13 May 2022
<<Al Jazeera}Mubasher
May 27 2022
'Vice President of the Qatari <Shura>: Sherine’s assassination is an attempt to silence the voice of truth and free speech.

Part 1: 11-18 may 2022
<Arwa Mahdawi
Shireen Abu Akleh was a lifeline for Palestinians – and her killing has shaken us to the core.>




MEMO - Middle East Monitor -
<<Gaza: Israel confesses to intentionally killing children to pressure resistance
May 13, 2023
While the Israeli occupation boasts about targeting military leaders of the Palestinian resistance, the photos and field reports in the Gaza Strip reveal that the assassinations also caused the deaths of dozens of Palestinian civilians, including women and children. Yossi Klein, a writer for Israel's Haaretz newspaper, wrote: <There's nothing like killing children for bringing together hearts and minds. For the past 18 weeks, Israelis have been fighting each other, unable to find anything to bring us closer together. Then came the killing of the children in the Gaza Strip and proved that we're brothers, after all.> Klein added in an article translated by Arabi21: <Barriers fell, and ill will was forgotten. Yair Lapid placed a consoling arm on Benjamin Netanyahu's shoulder, while Benny Gantz leaned his head against May Golan, and it was surprising that the entire Knesset didn't stand up and spontaneously break out to sing 'Hatikva'. It must be admitted, killing children is the most heinous of crimes. There is no crime more contemptible; in that lies its despicableness and its power. It acts as a deterrent, it's effective, and streams fresh, new blood to flow into our arteries.> Klein noted: <If anyone had any doubt that the air force is strong and threatening, the childrens' killing went and proved that it's too early to say any eulogies for it. It's strong, it's terrifying and it's confronting an army of about 30,000 soldiers who lack the means for aerial combat,> pointing out that: <The killing of children and the bombing of civilians are of greater deterrence and effectiveness than any 'target bank', the infamous 'collapsing' of buildings, or any attempt to 'eradicate the foundations of terrorism once and for all.'>The writer conveyed: <Killing children is designed to cause pain, to strike the most sensitive place of all. It isn't designed to stop terrorism; it's designed to deter the terrorists and make us happy. When Itamar Ben-Gvir talks about 'a painful blow,' I imagine that he's referring precisely to that. In fact, he should change his election slogan - not '50 dead terrorists for every missile,' but rather '50 dead children for every missile,'> noting that killing Palestinian children is an effective step engraved in the memory of Israeli public opinion. Klein stressed: <The pictures of eight-year-old Ali Izzeldeen and his 12-year-old sister, Miar, are impossible to forget. They look too similar to our own children - after all, everyone knows a child of a similar age - and the thought that we killed them should give us no rest. These thoughts will always continue to haunt us because these pictures are not the result of just a minor misstep. It's not like a pilot arrives, boards a plane, kills whatever number of nameless, faceless human beings and returns for lunch. Here, with the dead children from Gaza, these are pictures that will haunt him all his life and appear in his nightmares. I'm sure that in the pilots' training course they prepare cadets for such a situation - a case in which their personal conscience stands in contradiction with their professional duty.> These Israeli confessions may find their way to publication in time. It holds the occupation army responsible for committing violent massacres against Palestinian civilians, especially children, under the pretext of deterring the Palestinian resistance, which has proven, in all operations, its moral superiority over the occupation when it avoided targeting women and children. Unlike the Israelis - by their own admission.>>

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