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                                                                                                            CRYFREEDOM 2019/2020

The Palestine/US journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh aka 'Jazeerian' shot through the head and slaughtered by an Israeli sniper.

The aftermath part 3

The assasination.
14-11 May 2022
International press:
The Palestine/US journalist Shireen Abu Akleh aka 'Jazeerian' shot through the head and slaughtered by an Israeli sniper.

The aftermath.
International press:
Part 2: 27-13 May 2022
<<Al Jazeera}Mubasher
May 27 2022
'Vice President of the Qatari <Shura>: Sherine’s assassination is an attempt to silence the voice of truth and free speech.

Part 1: 11-18 may 2022
<Arwa Mahdawi
Shireen Abu Akleh was a lifeline for Palestinians – and her killing has shaken us to the core.>




The Guardian
May 27 2022
By Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor
<<Shireen Abu Aqleh: killing of reporter referred to international criminal court.
The family of the killed Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh has allowed her death to be added to a legal complaint being taken to the international criminal court, arguing that Israeli security forces have been systematically targeting Palestinian journalists in violation of international humanitarian law. The case originally submitted in April by Bindmans had focused on four Palestinian journalists wearing press helmets and vests, two of whom were maimed and two shot dead. It also covers alleged attacks on Gaza media infrastructure in May 2021.
Lawyers from Bindmans and Doughty Street Chambers announced the addition of the death on 11 May of Abu Aqleh to the existing claim at a press conference in London. They said the case was vital owing to the repeated failure of the Israeli security forces to investigate such incidents and the inability of Palestinian reporters to secure reparations in Israeli domestic courts. Jennifer Robinson, from Doughty Street said: <The ICC prosecutor must investigate our complaints and prosecute those responsible to send a clear message not just to the Israeli forces and government, but to all governments that targeting journalists is a crime and journalists are not fair game.> She said the ICC prosecutor needed to open the case because it was emblematic of a problem that has been continuing for many years. The ICC will have to judge whether there is a prima facie case that the Israeli security forces have been deliberately targeting reporters, and whether its internal inquiries are consistent with natural justice. There will also be issues of jurisdiction. In February 2021, the ICC said its jurisdiction extended to Gaza and West Bank, making it more likely the ICC can take up the issue. Israel itself is not a party to the ICC, raising issues of enforcement of any eventual ruling. The case is being supported by representatives from the International Federation of Journalists, the Palestinian Journalists' Syndicate and the International Centre of Justice for Palestinians. Tayab Ali, the Bindmans solicitor in the case, said <evidence was not lacking, but the political will>, adding <Israel in the past has been gifted immunity>. He said: <Israel has enjoyed a devastating impunity against accountability for the actions of its armed forces, and has repeatedly demonstrated that it is a bad faith investigator. It has not managed to hold anyone to account for the tens of Palestinian journalists that have been killed or maimed so far>.>>
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Al Jazeera}Mubasher
May 27 2022
<<Palestinian Minister of Justice: For these reasons, we decided not
to display the photo of the bullet that killed Shireen Abu Akleh.
Palestinian Justice Minister Muhammad al-Shalaldeh said that the Israeli occupation forces deliberately killed our colleague Shireen Abu Aqleh with premeditation, and that her assassination falls under the category of a <war crime> according to the classifications of international law. Shalaldeh added in an interview with Al-Essiya program on Al-Jazeera Mubasher, Thursday evening, that the investigation conducted by the Palestinian Authority proved that <the bullet that assassinated my colleague Abu Aqila came from an Israeli sniper's weapon in the place where the occupation forces are stationed.> He continued, <The characteristics of the bullet that penetrated Shirin's head bear Israeli details, and that it contains an armor-piercing iron part.> The Palestinian minister revealed that the Palestinian Authority decided not to display the picture of the bullet that assassinated Shireen <to deprive the occupation of manipulating and changing its narrative,> adding that the authority demanded the International Criminal Court to move and study the file of the assassination of colleague Shireen Abu Akleh.
Akram Al-Khatib, the Palestinian Public Prosecutor, said that all the facts show the availability of the elements of the premeditated murder of our colleague Sherine Abu Aqleh, and the attempted murder of journalist Ali Al-Samudi. Al-Khatib confirmed during a press conference, Thursday, to announce the results of the investigations into the assassination of Shireen Abu Akleh, <that the characteristics of the bullet showed that it was from an Israeli sniper weapon from the location of the occupation forces> concentration, and that the effects of the repeated projectiles in The Palestinian minister revealed that the Palestinian Authority decided not to display the picture of the bullet that assassinated Shireen <to deprive the occupation of manipulating and changing its narrative,> adding that the authority demanded the International Criminal Court to move and study the file of the assassination of colleague Shireen Abu Akleh.>>
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Al Jazeera}Mubasher
May 27 2022
<<Vice President of the Qatari <Shura>: Sherine's assassination is an attempt to silence the voice of truth and free speech.
Dr. Hamda bint Hassan Al-Sulaiti, Vice-President of the Qatari Shura Council, confirmed that the assassination of Al-Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Aqleh is an attempt to silence the voice of truth and free speech. She said in a speech before the International Women's Coalition Conference in Support of Jerusalem and Palestine in its seventh edition, under the slogan <The Pioneers of Jerusalem Make Its Victory> today, Friday, in Istanbul, Turkey, that Shirin Abu Aqleh is a model for courageous Palestinian women. She stressed that the position of the Qatari people on the Palestinian cause and on Jerusalem is consistent and has not changed, namely support for the cause in all its dimensions, and a commitment that the peace process be based on a comprehensive, just and lasting settlement based on international legitimacy and the Arab Peace Initiative.
She pointed out that the conference is a good opportunity to show the Palestinian women's violations of their rights, and to praise their steadfastness and struggle in the face of the war machine and the soldiers of the Israeli occupation. She said that the conference is a good opportunity for young women from all over the world who love peace and strive for truth to join the Women's Coalition and support women's steadfastness in the face of Israeli violence and oppression in Al-Quds Al-Sharif. She emphasized that the role of women in supporting Jerusalem and Palestine is not limited to being half of society, but rather because she is the first responsible in the family for preparing and rehabilitating the younger generations to believe in the Palestinian cause and that Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque belong to the entire Islamic nation. She said that Palestinian women have suffered, especially recently, in difficult and harsh conditions, after the
occupation forces escalated the use of excessive force and internationally prohibited weapons against them, which led to the deaths of female martyrs. She stated that one of the female martyrs who fell victims of this policy was colleague Shireen Abu Akleh, referring to a quote from the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad, about the late martyr at the Davos Forum a few days ago. She said that what we witnessed through the media in occupied Palestine, especially in Al-Quds Al-Sharif and Al-Aqsa Mosque, from violations of human rights and the imposition of restrictions and violations calls for an appeal for the need to provide protection for Palestinian women.>>
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Sioux City ] AP
May 23 2022
<<Davos updates | Qatar's ruler calls out West on lives valued.
DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) — The ruler of Qatar has called out double standards in the West while evoking the killing of a Palestinian-American journalist during an Israeli raid this month. Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani said during a speech at the World Economic Forum on Monday that <we should not accept a world where governments have double standards about the value of people based on their region, race or religion.> He added: <We consider the value of each European life to be just as precious as someone from our region.> Al Jazeera, which is headquartered in Qatar and was started by Sheikh Tamim’s father in the 1990s, says Israeli gunfire killed its longtime correspondent Shireen Abu Akleh on May 11. Israel says she may have been shot by its forces but maintains it cannot be certain without further forensic evidence. Sheikh Tamim called on the world’s political and business elites gathered in Davos to give as much attention as they are to Ukraine to resolving all forgotten or ignored conflicts.>>

Al Jazeera
21 May 2022
The listening Post on Twitter:
<<The Israeli media on the killing of Shireen Abu Akleh>
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Al Jazeera
20 May 2022
Infograpic on Twitter and
<<Mapping Shireen Abu Akleh solidarity protests.>>
View it here:

Al Jazeera
20 May 2022
By Arwa Ibrahim
<<Palestinian identity and Israel’s long attempt to suppress it
Israeli attack on funeral of Shireen Abu Akleh and confiscation of Palestinian flags are part of a decades-long pattern.
Occupied East Jerusalem – When Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was shot dead on May 11 while covering an Israeli raid on the Jenin refugee camp, north of the occupied West Bank, mourners quickly gathered at the family home in occupied East Jerusalem.
As crowds streamed through the door to pay their respects, Abu Akleh’s family adorned the entrance with Palestinian flags and photos of the veteran Al Jazeera journalist. Friends cranked up nationalist Palestinian songs. Within hours, Israeli police had turned up at the Abu Akleh home in Beit Hanina demanding that the flags be taken down, the music turned off, and the nationalist chants silenced. Two days later, similar demands were enforced much more fiercely by Israeli forces. When thousands of mourners gathered outside St Joseph Hospital in Jerusalem to bid their beloved journalist farewell, dozens of Israeli police attacked the funeral procession with batons and rubber bullets. The police targeted the pallbearers who struggled to keep the coffin, which was draped with a Palestinian flag, from falling to the ground. <They kicked us, hit us with wooden batons, and launched rubber bullets within close range,> said Fadi Mtour, one of the pallbearers who carried Shireen’s coffin that day. <No matter how hard they beat us, we had to keep that coffin from falling. It became a symbol of our dignity and lives. If Shireen’s casket fell, we would, too,> said Mtour, a 41-year-old Jerusalemite who regularly attends demonstrations. <There was so much hatred and violence … like nothing I’ve ever experienced,> he said. The reason for the Israeli aggression at the funeral was the Palestinian flag, and what Abu Akleh represented in terms of Palestinian identity, Mtour explained. <They [Israeli authorities] are afraid of the Palestinian flag because it represents our identity, the same way that Shireen, her funeral and life did,> said Mtour, whose 18-year-old son was also beaten on the head during the funeral, sustaining an injury that required several stitches. <They were ready to commit a massacre to bring down the Palestinian flag,> Mtour said, adding that even women and children were beaten for waving the flag.>>
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Al Jazeera
20 May 2022
By Al Jazeera Staff
<<New video shows no fighting before journalist Abu Akleh’s killing
The video, verified by Al Jazeera, corroborates witness accounts, adds further proof that Israeli forces shot Abu Akleh.
A new video that begins moments before Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was killed has emerged showing relative calm and quiet, contrary to claims by Israeli officials that fighting was taking place in the area. Abu Akleh, 51, was killed by an Israeli soldier on May 11, according to colleagues and witnesses who were present at the scene, while covering a military raid by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin. The clip, which was verified by Al Jazeera, shows initial quiet with no sounds of fighting, corroborating witness reports that there were no clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian fighters at the time of the shooting, as the Israelis have suggested.
Some people are seen to be talking and laughing in the foreground, with people in the background, including Abu Akleh and some of her colleagues wearing blue press flak jackets, also visible. Abu Akleh and the other journalists are walking in the direction of where Israeli forces were located, before gunfire shots start ringing out. Once the shooting starts, people in the foreground start running away from where the Israeli forces were positioned. Abu Akleh can be seen lying in the street after being shot.>>
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- Israel will not investigate Shireen Abu Akleh's killing

Al Jazeera
19 May 2022
By Ibrahim
<<A week on, Shireen Abu Akleh’s family grieves and wants justice
Shireen Abu Akleh’s brother and niece tell Al Jazeera that her killing was an attempt to silence her voice.
Occupied East Jerusalem – Days after Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was killed by Israeli forces while reporting on an Israeli raid in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin, her family gathered the strength to visit the site of where it all happened. It was the first time Abu Akleh’s niece and close companion, Lina, had visited Jenin, but the trip, while an emotional reminder of what had happened, helped the 27-year-old understand what Jenin had meant to her aunt. <Although it was triggering, it filled me with happiness to finally understand what this city had meant to Shireen,> said Lina, as tears filled her large, dark eyes. Lina referenced an article that Abu Akleh had written a year ago, where she had described the occupied West Bank city as a place that <lifted her morale and made her fly high. That’s exactly how I felt. To me, Jenin is such a special city, not just because it’s where Shireen was killed but also because of the impact it had on her career and life. She saw the people of Jenin as not only brave, but people who don’t give up,> she added. Although the 51-year-old veteran journalist had covered the whole of Palestine, she was among only a few journalists who had followed the story of Jenin, a symbol of Palestinian resistance, for so long and with such dedication. Abu Akleh reported on the infamous April 9, 2002 Israeli assault on the Jenin refugee camp, and 20 years later, she was still there to report an Israeli raid on the same camp.
Clearly targeted
As Lina sat in her family home in Beit Hanina, a Palestinian neighbourhood in occupied East Jerusalem, she said the visit also made it clear that Abu Akleh was targeted. <We saw where she stood; a clear, open area. There’s no way she was caught up in clashes,” said Lina. “It was a deliberate attempt to silence Shireen’s voice against the bullets.> Lina recalled the first moments after receiving the devastating news of her aunt’s untimely death during the early hours of May 11. <I'm still trying to process it and I can’t comprehend it,> said Lina, as a cheerful white dog called Filfel – ‘pepper’ in Arabic – burst through the doorway and jumped into her lap. As Filfel licked Lina and buried his nose into her black shirt, the young woman’s face relaxed and a vibrant smile formed across it.>>
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Featured Article
19 May 2022
<<Violence erupts between Israeli security forces and Palestinian mourners carrying the casket of slain Al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akle out of a hospital, before being transported to a church and then her resting place, in Jerusalem, on May 13, 2022. - Abu Akleh , who was shot dead on May 11, 2022 while covering a raid in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, was among Arab media's most prominent figures and widely hailed for her bravery and professionalism. The assassination of Sherine.. The occupation army identifies the possible crime weapon and refrains from formal investigation, and the resignation of a deputy may topple the Bennett government. The Israeli occupation army confirmed that it is currently refraining from conducting an investigation into the assassination of Shireen Abu Aqleh, while Israel faces the possibility of early elections following the resignation of an Arab lawmaker in protest against the attack on Shireen's funeral.>>
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Al Jazeera
18 May 2022
<<On the way to Jenin.. this is what Sherine Abu Akleh said in the last interview
The late Al-Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Aqleh said that dealing with tanks and the Israeli occupation is very difficult, as sometimes the occupation prefers to see you as a soldier and may shoot you, but the journalist must always assess the situation.
And she added - in the last interview that Al-Jazeera had with Abu Aqila on 07/13/2021 - that the difficulties of field coverage of the war were represented in the journalist maintaining his safety in parallel with conveying his message with all professionalism, it is difficult to be in an area where the journalist himself is under threat and bombardment With missiles, he has to carry out his journalistic mission at the same time. It is not possible to talk about the second intifada without mentioning the Jenin camp, especially since Al-Jazeera was among the first stations that transmitted these events, despite the lack of capabilities at the time. As if recounting the events of her assassination, she said that Jenin during the second intifada was one of the areas where if any tank encountered you on the road, it would come under fire, and she and her colleagues were striving to hide from the sight of the Israeli soldiers. At every moment, she expected the news of the martyrdom of people she met and visited in the camps, and therefore she described them as difficult days. The targeting of the security and official agencies created the challenge of accessing information for the journalist. Another important coverage of her was Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, where she said that she was proud of it because she witnessed the moment of the evacuation of settlers instead of conveying the image of the Palestinians who were abandoning their homes. Among her distinguished experiences is entering Ashkelon prison to transmit the voice of prisoners for more than 20 years, noting that some prisoners were also detained with their children. She said that wherever the camera was placed, they were seen as filming in a prohibited place, even if there were Israeli media outlets in the same place. She mentioned that sometimes cars with settlers come to search for Palestinian or Arab journalists, and sometimes they ask specifically about Al-Jazeera journalists. She always said that you feel targeted, indicating that targeting by settlers is more difficult because they are unruly and armed at the same time. She referred to the incident of arresting her colleague Guevara Al-Budairi during the events of Sheikh Jarrah, who was assaulted by the soldiers and would have been accused of assaulting one of the soldiers had it not been for the existence of records proving otherwise. She added that sometimes there is a difficult feeling that combines human feelings to defend the innocent and carry out the journalistic mission with impartiality>>
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Watch also the embedded video (Arabic language):

18 May 2022
<<Al Jazeera Mubasher meets a Palestinian who named his twins <Shireen> and <Jenin> after the late colleague (video).
Palestinian citizen Mohammed Thabet from Gaza named his twin daughters (Shireen) and (Jenin), days after the Israeli occupation forces assassinated fellow Israeli Sherine Abu Aqleh while she was covering her press in Jenin camp in the northern West Bank.
Thabet said during an interview with the evening program on Al Jazeera Mubasher, on Tuesday, that he chose the two names in honor of Sherine and the place of her assassination, while speaking at the same time about her impact on his family and the Palestinian people. He added, <We were aware of Shireen Abu Aqleh, her reports, and her sense, as she was present in every place and in every event,> praising her coverage of the recent Gaza war. In turn, the mother of the two children said that she and her husband intended to name the two children (Jude) and (Julia), but the assassination of Sherine called them to change their minds. She indicated that she received the news of Sherine's death while she was in the hospital, one day before giving birth, as it was difficult and shocking for her.>>
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Al Jazeera
18 May 2022
By Ali Harb
<<‘I lost a sister’: Shireen Abu Akleh honoured at Washington vigil
US attendees pay tribute to the slain Al Jazeera journalist and call for an independent investigation into her killing.
Washington, DC – Hundreds of Palestinian rights supporters and press freedom advocates have gathered in Washington, DC to pay tribute and demand justice for Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, who was killed by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank last week. The candlelight vigil, held outside the National Press Club late on Tuesday, came nearly a week after Abu Akleh was fatally shot while on assignment. <We grew up watching Shireen. Shireen was our voice. And we felt like that voice was cut off,> Najat Ghanem, a mother of two, told Al Jazeera, as she held back her tears. Abu Akleh reported from the Palestinian territories for decades – covering all aspects of life under Israeli occupation. Salma Shanaa, a Palestinian-US teacher residing in neighbouring Virginia, said the killing of Abu Akleh on May 11 while she was wearing a flak jacket clearly marked with the word <PRESS> was the <ultimate injustice>.
<She has been in our house for 25 years,> Shanaa told Al Jazeera, referring to Abu Akleh's TV appearances. <I felt like I lost a sister. We all felt the pain deep within our hearts. Shireen is not better than the martyrs who preceded her, but Shireen is a symbol.>
As cars drove by – with many honking their horns in support – the attendees sang Mawtini (My Homeland), a song considered by many Palestinians as an unofficial national anthem. Lina Musmar, a pharmacist who was draped in a Palestinian flag, said Abu Akleh was killed while telling the truth about the injustices in Palestine.
<It’s just very difficult to believe that she was killed like that and the way they treated her casket at her funeral,> Musmar said.>>
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Al Jazeera
13 May 2022
Freedom of the Press
<<Shireen Abu Akleh: US is no 'objective observer', advocates say
With US aid flowing to Israel, Palestine rights activists say Washington is ‘complicit’ in Israeli abuses.
Washington, DC – The United States needs to <look in the mirror> and reassess its unconditional support for Israel, Palestinian rights advocates say, as calls to condition billions in annual US aid are growing in the aftermath of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh’s killing. The US State Department has urged an <immediate and thorough> investigation into the killing of Abu Akleh, a US citizen, who was shot dead by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank this week. But US-based activists say such statements ignore Washington’s <complicity> in Israeli human rights violations.
<There's deep, deep hypocrisy and irony to US officials calling for an investigation when what they really need to do is look in the mirror,> said Elias Newman, communications director at IfNotNow, a youth-led, anti-occupation Jewish American group. <When it comes to hawkish politicians who support unconditional support for the Israeli government, they need to look in the mirror and see that actually, our unconditional funding is a big factor in enabling the Israeli government to act with impunity and carry out these human rights abuses.> President Joe Biden and his top aides have repeatedly promised not to condition, restrict or reduce US aid to Israel, which totals $3.8bn annually. Jinan Deena, national organiser for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), noted that Abu Akleh became the second US citizen to be killed by Israeli forces this year, after 78-year-old Omar Assad died after being detained in the West Bank in January. Deena said Palestinian Americans such as herself do not feel protected by their own government when they travel to visit family in Palestine. <We are Americans and we are paying taxes, and that money is literally going not just to abuse our families back home and Palestinians back home, but also us now,” Deena told Al Jazeera. A lot of us are very afraid to go [to Palestine] this year.>
US envoy to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield also said she was <deeply distressed>. But Thomas-Greenfield has made it clear – even before the US Senate confirmed her to the post last year – that shielding Israel from criticism at the United Nations would be one of her top priorities. Israel has been the US’s top ally in the Middle East for decades, with presidents and legislators from both major parties asserting their staunch commitment to the country. In addition to the $3.8bn in US aid that Israel receives annually, this year Washington added another $1bn to <replenish> its Iron Dome missile defence system after a May 2021 Gaza conflict.>>
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Opinion by Gino d'Artali: As I wrote before after the end of WW2 it was especialy the Usa who sold out Palestinian Territory to what was to become Israel.

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