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Gino d'Artali
indept investigative journalist
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                                                                                                            CRYFREEDOM 2019/2020

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Gino d'Artali
Indept investigative journalist



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'Facing Faces and Facts' to commemorate the above depicted and named and below their storys and more as food for thought and inspiration to fight on for the Zan, zendagi, azadi!> (Women, life, freedom!) revolution.
Gino d'Artali - Indept investigative journalist

When one hurts or kills a women
one hurts or kills hummanity and is an antrocitie.
Gino d'Artali
and: My mother (1931-1997) always said to me <Mi figlio, non esistono notizie <vecchie> perche puoi imparare qualcosa da qualsiasi notizia.> Translated: <My son, there is no such thing as so called 'old' news because you can learn something from any news.>
Gianna d'Artali

Gino d'Artali - indept investigative journalist
November 2022
'Facing Faces and Facts i.e. food for thought and inspiration for all to join the Zan, zendagi, azadi!' (Women, life, freedom!) revolution.
The young girls and a bit older woman I'm depicting here were not aiming to sacrifice themselves when they demonstrated, or otherwise expressed their anger about the Iranian regime and its 'axis of evil' i.e. khamenei, the morality police and the basij. No, they were targeted because they opposed the regime. Their names from left to right:
But first this: the day JHINA MAHSA AMINI was assasinated I immediately started a document titled 'Jhina's calling' and almost 24/7 I've been following the international press about the eruption of revolt, lead by women but quite soon after joined by men and by and by joined also by women and men in several countries/continents.
But let's get to 'Facing Faces and Facts' i.e. food for thought and inspiration. Above I depicted 6 victims who were assasinated and below a description about the hows and whys:

1) SEPIDEH RASHNO (28) was assaulted by a woman on a public bus and arrested in July '22 by the 'morality police' for not wearing her jihab correctly. She was tortured to force her to confess and apologize on the Iranian public television broadcaster and then brought to a hospital with internal bleeding. But she survived.
Read her story here:

Unfortunatly the following and in these 'cases' did not survive:

2) JINA MAHSA AMINI (22) was arrested 22 by the 'morality police' on 16 September 2022 because some of her hair could be seen outside her headscarf. In prison she was severely beaten and died in a hospital because of as leaked medical scans proved led by independent observers to believe Amini had had a cerebral hemorrhage or stroke.
Read how
especially reported about her death and how the Women' Revolution broke out because of her death including the three other women and now a Revolution that grows bigger and wider since it started and with one slogan: 'Women Life Freedom' and 'the downfall of the regime'. Read also my very personal opinion below.

3) SARINA ESMAILZADEH (16) on 23 September 2022, Iranian teenager Sarina Esmailzadeh died of severe beating on the head by security forces ('basij') during protests in Karaj, Alborz province, Iran, according to human rights organizations.

4) NIKA SHAHKARAMI (16) Shahkarami participated in the Mahsa Amini protests of September 2022, sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini in police custody and aimed at increasing women's rights in Iran. Shakarami went missing after protesting on Keshavarz Boulevard in Tehran on 20 September. She had left her house around 13:00 UTC and brought with her a bottle of water and a towel as protection against tear gas. She initially told her family that she was going to visit her sister. Shakarami was reportedly <fearless> during the protest and continued to ceaselessly chant slogans. According to her family her last known communication was a message sent to one of her friends in which she claimed to be chased by security forces. Apparently, she had been separated from her friends as the protests grew more crowded and louder. Her friends last saw her around 15:00 UTC. On the night of 20 September, Shakarami's Telegram and Instagram accounts were deleted and her phone was turned off. After not hearing from her, Shakarami's family filed a missing person's report and began searching police stations and hospitals. They also posted pictures of her on social media in the hope that someone would recognize her. Ten days later they were informed that someone with similar characteristics had been discovered during forensic examinations of dead protesters and her body was at the Kahrizak morgue, located in a local detention center. Shakarami's family members were not allowed to see the body, only to look at her face for a few seconds for identification purposes. The authorities reportedly informed them that she had died as a result of falling from a great height. They were shown a photograph of her lifeless body at a sidewalk to illustrate this but they found the picture to be suspicious. Shakarami's aunt claimed in an interview that Shakarami's nose had been completely destroyed and that her skull had been <broken and disintegrated from multiple blows of a hard object>, most likely a baton. The family were told that Shakarami had been kidnapped, held, and questioned by the 'basij' for a week and had then been detained for a short time at the Evin Prison, a prison which has frequently been accused of systematically raping and torturing prisoners.

5) AFSHIN AFSHAR (Teenager) Date of death: 23 Sep 22 - Cause of death: unknown i.e. most likely assasinated by the basij during a demonstration.

6) ASRA PANAHI (15) died after the basij raided the Shahed girls high school in Ardabil on 13 October and demanded a group of girls sing an anthem that praises Khamenei. When they refused, the basij beated the pupils, leading to a number of girls being taken to hospital and others arrested. On Friday, Panahi died in hospital of injuries sustained at the school.

HADIS NAJAFI (20) She was shot with several bullets to the neck, face, hand and heart while protesting in the Tehran suburb of Karaj on September 21 2022

and one young woman I could not find the name of but schould be remembered always.

Like d
ozens of others were also killed but allas their names are unknown. Also hundreds if not thousands were assasinated or injured since the demonstrations against the regime that began on 16 Sep 2022 after Jhina Mahsa Amini was assasinated by the 'morality police' for alledgely wearing her jihab in a wrong way i.e. Amini showing some of her hair.


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