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The face of Iran's protests. Her life, her dreams and her death.

In memory of Jina 'Mahsa' Amini, the cornerstone of the 'Zan. Zendegi. Azadi revolution.
16 February 2023 | By Gino d'Artali

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Read all about the assasination of the 22 year young Jina Mahsa Amini (Kurdistan-Iran) and the start of the Zan, Zendegi, Azadi (Women, life, freedom) revolution in Iran  2022-'23
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Tribute to KIAN PIRFALA, 9 years old and victim of the Islamic Republic's savagery 10 years ago.

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Here we are to enter THE IRANIAN WOMEN'S REVOLUTIONISTS against
the supreme leader, the arch-reactionary Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and his placeman president, Ebrahim Raisi. The message of the women when he visited a university is plain: <give way or get lost> in 2023.
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'Facing Faces and Facts 1-2'  (2022) to commemorate the above named and more and food for thought and inspiration to fight on.
and 'Facing Faces & Facts 3' edited December 2022/March 2023

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Articles about
<<Mahsa Amini's Father: <Everything They Have Said and Shown is Lies>
By Diako Alavi, a journalist from Saqqez and family friend of Mahsa Amini 
Jina Amini, the face of Irans uprising and revolution:

November 15, 2023 - <<Iranian Woman Arrested on Jinas' Anniversary Tells Her Story...>

Unfortunately this call to artistically and poeticaly participate and to commemorate the killing of  Jina Mahsa Amini , has ended without participants. Click the  link for more info

Updates of Jina Aminis' Revolution:
Part 12: October 6 - 2 2023
Part 13: October 13 - 12, 2023

Part 14: November 15 - October 25, 2023

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Gino d'artali's opinion: We mourn AND fight!

We all grief for the loss of our sister / daughter of Iran Armita Gevarnand:
28 October 2023 Armita Gevarnand - Iran lost a daughter
29 October 2023
29 October 2023
<<Armita Geravand Is Laid to Rest Amidst Stringent Security Measures
30 October 2023 
<<Narges Mohammadi: Our Armita was sent to the brink of death because of her beautiful hair...
and more ...

<<Prominent Lawyer and Activists Beaten, Detained at Funeral of Teenager Armita Geravand....
<<Arrests Made during Funeral of Iranian Teen Who Died after Hijab Assault....


Updates: November 15 - 6, 2023
<<Jailed Iranian Rights Lawyer Sotoudeh Released on Bail....
<<Jailed Iranian Activist Sotoudeh: We Feminized Evin Prison with Our Hair....
<<Women Arrested at Iranian Teen's Funeral Face Hasty Trial....

<<Iranian journalist Negar Ostad Agha taken to Gharchak Prison....
November 6 - 3 2023
<<Egyptian activists: We must take action for Iranian women....

3 November 2023 <<UN Experts <Shocked> by Attacks on Women, Girls in Iran...
<<HRW Calls for Probe into Death of Teenage Girl in Iran...

- 31 October 2023 <<Haniyeh Tawasoli summoned by Iran's judiciary....
- 25 October 2023 <<Iranian state media confirm that Armita Geravand is brain dead; her family does not
 - 19 October 2023 About Roya Zakeri's unfateful ordeal
 -16 October 2023 Young woman assaulted in Tabriz
 - 12 October 2023 Armita Geravands' Brain Death Emerge

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*Victory is not easy, but it is certain*
'Mother of a long and free Iran'

Preface by Gino d'Artali and more - November 16 - October 31, 2023

*In memory of the brave women who laid down their lives
for democracy and freedom in Iran*




November 21 - 17, 2023
<<Surge in Child Arrests in Piranshahr: Five Minors Detained in Two Days...
and <<New Details Emerge About Iranian Rapper's Mock Execution in Prison...
and <<Actress Samadi Barred from Leaving Iran...
and <<Student activist Armiva Pavir transferred to hospital...
and <<Security Forces Forcefuly Detained a 14-Year-Old in Piranshahr...
and <<Iranian Actress who Supported Protests Handed Suspended Prison Sentence...
and <<Hasan Fathi Khizirlak, a Muslim cleric from Bukan, re-arrested...
and <<The grave situation of Armita Pavir on her 15th day of the strike...
and <<Tehran: Three Political Activists Sentenced to a Combined 61 Years and Ten Months of Imprisonment...
and <<More Hijab Patrols Recruited in Tehran Metro Stations
and more news

November 17 - 15, 2023
<<Zahedan Holds Weekly Protest, With Snipers Overlooking
<<Iranian Kurdish Lawyer Wounded in Assassination Attempt in Iraq...
and <<Repression Against Iran's Kolbars Claims More Victims...
and <<18-Year-Old Baloch Youth Killed by Iranian Armed Forces...
and <<Esrin Mohammadi is arrested on the eve of her brother's anniversary...
and <<Extra Military Forces Sent to Iran's Baluchistan Ahead of Weekly Protests...
and <<Jailed Iranian Mother <Confesses> to Crimes to Protect Son...
and <<Under Intense Pressure, Family Of Slain Iranian Protester Cancels Memorial...
and <<UN Committee Condemns Massive Rights Violations in Iran...
and <<Jailed Iranian Rights Lawyer Sotoudeh Released on Bail
and more news

November 15 - 13, 2023
<<300 Arrested in Mixed-Gender Party in Iran...
and <<Zahra Saeedianju Arrested Ahead of Slain Brotherís Anniversary...
and Nasrin Sotoudeh <<Honoring fearless activism for human rights...
and <<Tragic Death of a Kurdish Prisoner Under Torture in Sardasht Prison...
and <<Zahra Saeedianjoo arrested again...
and <<Death Sentence Against Iranian Protester Upheld...
and <<Mahnaz Tarrah and Shaqayeq Moradi violently arrested in Tehran...
and <<Journalists, Teenager Among Over 20 Arrested in Iran's Rasht...
and <<The Conflict Over Memorials for Victims of Iran Protest Crackdown...
and more news

Cruel regime stories not for the faint of heart:
October 2023
November 13, 2023
Crackdown survivor
November 7 - October 25, 2023
Femicides in Iran - an honour?
November 2, 2023
<<Fears and Heartbreak for Iraian Baha'i Facing Imminent Turkish Deportation....

October 27, 2023
<<The <Islamization> of Schooling: Iranians Can No Longer Study at Foreign Schools...

<<Unprecedented Photos from Evin Show Brutal Conditions for Political Prisoners....
Officials' Corruption...

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2-weekly opinion by Gino d'Artali:
Dedicated to the women-led revolution
October 25, 2023 -
'Strengthening grief'
September 1, 2023
 August 4 - July 15, 2023
July 15 - 1, 2023
June 30 - 15, 2023

June 15 - 9, 2023

November 13 - 10, 2023
<<UK Lawmakers Call for Designation of Iran's Revolutionary Guard as Terror Group...
and <<Mahsa Basir Tavana Arrested for Seeking Justice for Slain Brother...
and <<Mehsa Basir Tawana, a member of the plaintiff families in Fuman re-arrested...
and <<Sayad Darvishi, brother of Farjad Darvishi, is being held incommunicado...
and <<Mahabad: Arman Ma'rufi, a detainee of the Jin, Jiyan, Azadi movement, has been sentenced to two years of imprisonment...
and <<Where are Pakhshan Azizi and Varisha Moradi?...
and <<Iranian Family Cancels Ceremony Marking Anniversary of Protesterís Death...
<<Afghan women refugees live through difficult conditions in Iran...

and more news...

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When one hurts or kills a women
one hurts or kills hummanity and is an antrocitie.
Gino d'Artali
and: My mother (1931-1997) always said to me <Mi figlio, non esistono notizie <vecchie> perche puoi imparare qualcosa da qualsiasi notizia.> Translated: <My son, there is no such thing as so called 'old' news because you can learn something from any news.>
Gianna d'Artali.

Iranwire - 17 Nov 2023
<<Zahedan Holds Weekly Protest, With Snipers Overlooking
Residents of Zahedan held a silent street protest after Friday prayers on November 17 amid heightened security presence in cities across the southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchistan. Military forces in armored vehicles and motorcycles patrolled the streets of Zahedan, the provincial capital, and Khash. Snipers were deployed on a hill overlooking Zahedan's Makki Mosque, Iran's largest Sunni mosque. The previous day, the provincial police commander announced the deployment of <tactical armored vehicles> to the restive province, home to Iran's Sunni Baluch minority of up to 2 million people, to <strengthen security and peace and address security threats decisively.> Videos circulating online depict the movement of military vehicles and weaponry toward Zahedan and Khash. Zahedan has been the scene of protests almost every Friday since September 30 of last year, when security forces killed nearly 100 people there in the deadliest incident in nationwide demonstrations sparked by the death in police custody of Mahsa Amini. A week later in Khash, security forces killed at least 18 protesters, bystanders and worshippers after Friday prayers. In his November 17 sermon delivered inside Makki Mosque, the Sunni Friday prayer leader of Zahedan denounced the pressure being exerted on the victims' families and survivors of the September 30 massacre, dubbed Bloody Friday. <Survivors and victims of Bloody Friday are under pressure to accept compensation,> said Molavi Abdulhamid, Iran's most prominent Sunni cleric. <This is unacceptable according to Sharia and [Iranian] law.> Human rights groups say members of Iranís Baluch minority - most of whom adhere to the Sunni strain of Islam - face widespread discrimination in the judicial system and in their everyday lives, with the authorities curtailing their access to education, employment, adequate housing and political office.>>

Iranwire - 17 Nov 2023
<<Families of Detained Baha'i Women Appeal to Iranian Authorities for News
Six Baha'i women in Hamadan, detained for the past 10 days, remain behind bars without any clear information from Iranian authorities about their exact whereabouts or the charges against them. The families of these detainees are growing increasingly concerned about their loved ones' well-being. According to a reliable source who spoke to IranWire, the six women, Zarin Dokht Ahadzadeh, Atefeh Zahedi, Nora Ayoubi, Farideh Ayoubi, Neda Mohebi, and Jaleh Rezaee, were only able to make a brief phone call to their families on the day of their arrest on November 7. Since then, all attempts to contact them have been unsuccessful. The families have appealed to judicial and security authorities but their inquiries have had few results. Baha'is, Iran's largest non-Muslim community, have faced persecution since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, with a fresh intensification of repression since the start of nationwide protests following the September 2022 death of Mahsa Amini. On November 15, both a United Nations General Assembly committee and an independent United States government commission condemned the Islamic Republic's persecution of Baha'is and the recent increase in arrests. The US Commission on International Religious Freedom said the crackdown on members of the faith underscores the worsening deterioration of religious freedom conditions> in the country. <The dreadful and unrelenting targeting of Baha'is by the regime in Iran, particularly after having just marked the one-year anniversary of Masha Amini's killing, reflects a continued shameless disregard for freedom of religion or belief,> Eric Ueland, a commissioner at the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), said in a statement.>>

Iranwire - 17 Nov 2023
<<Iranian Kurdish Lawyer Wounded in Assassination Attempt in Iraq
An Iranian lawyer living in Iraqís semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan sustained serious wounds on November 16 when unidentified assailants tried to assassinate him, reports say. After the attack, Sohrab Rahmati, a Kurdish political activist and member of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region Bar Association, was hospitalized in Erbil, the region's capital. Rahmati has recently disclosed he had received threats from the Iranian security institutions. The lawyer had taken on the murder case of Behrouz Rahimi, a member of the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) who was assassinated in 2021 in Sulaymaniyah, in Iraq's Kurdistan region. Last week, a court in the Iraqi city sentenced the primary suspect in the case to life imprisonment.
Reports said the suspect admitted to assassinating Rahimi on behalf of the security agencies of the Islamic Republic of Iran in exchange for money.
The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) have launched multiple artillery and missile attacks on the positions of PJAK and other Kurdish parties over the past year, accusing them of trying to destabilize the Islamic Republic.>>

Iranwire - 17 Nov 2023
<<Repression Against Iran's Kolbars Claims More Victims
At least five Kurdish porters sustained serious injuries in western Iran this week after being targeted by Iranian border forces. The incidents highlight the plight of the kolbars, porters who hauls goods on his back across the borders of Iran and over long distances, mostly in the impoverished, mountainous Kurdish areas adjacent to Iraq, to make a living. Hamidreza Hafezi, a kolbar from the city of Saqqez, Kurdistan province, is reportedly in critical condition after he was injured on November 17 by border forces in Baneh, on the border with Iraq. The previous night, on November 16, Salah Karimi, a kolbar from Kurdistan province's capital of Sanandaj, suffered severe wounds after being shot by border forces in the same area.
Karimi underwent extensive surgery, but his left knee reportedly remains unstable. On the same day, another kolbar named Azad Noori, a resident of Baneh, was critically wounded by gunshots fired by border forces. Noori sustained wounds to the head, back, both arms and both legs. And on November 15, two kolbars named Zaniar Rahzadeh and Ashkan - his last name unknown - were injured by border forces of the Islamic Republic. The extent of their injuries is not yet known. The Iranian authorities label kolbars as <smugglers,> but human rights organizations maintain that their activity is a form of survival for many men living in impoverished border regions where economic opportunities are scarce. According to statistics released by the Kolbar News website, a total of 85 kolbars were killed in border areas and on highways in the western provinces of West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and Kermanshah between March and September. The causes of death included direct fire by the military forces, blizzards, cold weather and falls from mountains and heights.>>

Matin Naroei
Hengaw Organisation for Human Right - Nov 16 2023
<<18-Year-Old Baloch Youth Killed by Iranian Armed Forces
18-year-old Mateen Naroei, a Baloch youth, lost his life due to direct gunfire from the police forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The incident occurred on one of the communication roads of Iranshahr in the Sistan-Balochistan province. According to reports received by the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, at 8:00 AM on Thursday, November 16, 2023, Matin Naroi, a resident of Iranshahr, was shot in the head by Iranian police forces on one of the transportation routes within the city. According to reliable sources, the police forces fired at a moving vehicle, which had several passengers, on the road to Daman village, situated 25 kilometers from Iranshahr. The gunfire occurred without any prior warning, resulting in the death of Matin Naroei.>>

Esrin Mohammadi
NCRI - Womens committee - 16 Nov 2023 - in Women's News
<<Esrin Mohammadi is arrested on the eve of her brother's anniversary
Agents of the Intelligence Department of Bukan, Kurdistan, arrested Esrin Mohammadi on Wednesday, November 15, inside a shop that was printing banners for the memorial ceremony of her brother. Shahriar Mohammadi, 29, was killed by security forces on November 18, 2022, during Iran protests in Bukan. There is no information available on the whereabouts of Esrin Mohammadi and the reason for her arrest. It has been reported that Esrin's mother was also brutalized by agents of the Special Unit during her arrest. According to Milad Mohammadi, the other brother of Esrin Mohammadi, 17 agents of the Intelligence Department, including two women, arrested her inside a print shop in Bukan. The agents wore black uniforms and had covered their faces.

A family photo: from left, Milad, Esrin, their mother, and Shahriar, their slain brother

Since September, intelligence services have brought tremendous pressure on the families of slain protesters to prevent them from holding ceremonies for their loved ones. Zahra Saeedianju was arrested on November 13, during a raid by security forces on her residence in Izeh, Khuzestan Province. Her brother, Milad Saeedianju, 26, was shot and killed by the regime's security forces on November 16, 2022, during protests in Izeh. Ms. Fahimeh Moradi, the mother of Yalda Aghafazli, wrote on her Instagram account on November 13 that the tombstone of her daughter had been damaged. Yalda's father, Mehrdad Aghafazli, had reported the same several months ago by unknown individuals and that he had replaced the tombstone. Mr. Aghafazli was forced by the intelligence services to call off the memorial ceremony for his daughter. The Revolutionary Court of Gorgan also fined Armin Rostami, the brother of Dr. Ayda Rostami, to pay 15 million Tomans if he did not want to serve eight months in prison.>>

Iranwire - 16 Nov 2023
<<Extra Military Forces Sent to Iran's Baluchistan Ahead of Weekly Protests
The police commander of Sistan and Baluchistan announced on November 16 the deployment of <tactical armored vehicles> to the restive Iranian province to <strengthen security and peace and address security threats decisively.> Speaking on the eve of weekly protests after Friday prayers in Sistan and Baluchistan, Doostali Jalilian stated that the reinforcements are meant to confront <armed robbers and criminals.> The announcement coincides with a heightened presence of security and military forces in the province, particularly in the provincial capital of Zahedan and Khash.
Sistan and Baluchistan is home to Iran's Sunni Baluch minority of up to 2 million people.
Zahedan, Khash and other cities across the province have been the scenes of protests almost every Friday since September 30 of last year, when security forces killed nearly 100 people in the deadliest incident in nationwide demonstrations sparked by the death in police custody of Mahsa Amini.
Reports indicate that on Fridays, government forces set up checkpoints and blockades on the streets, conduct physical searches on men and women, and arrest protesters, amid disruptions of communication lines and restrictions to internet access. Earlier this week, the chief justice of Sistan and Baluchistan confirmed the execution of three prisoners in Zahedan who had been sentenced to death for allegedly collaborating with groups opposed to the Islamic Republic. Human rights groups say members of Iran's Baluch minority - most of whom adhere to the Sunni strain of Islam - face widespread discrimination in the judicial system and in their everyday lives, with the authorities curtailing their access to education, employment, adequate housing and political office.>>

Iranwire - 16 Nov 2023 - by ROGHAYEH REZAEI
<<Jailed Iranian Mother <Confesses> to Crimes to Protect Son
Masoomeh Yavari, a 45-year-old Iranian mother and former political prisoner, is facing the death penalty for allegedly collaborating with a group opposed to the Islamic Republic and for setting fire to a security facility, IranWire has learned. A well-informed source said that Yavari was charged with <waging war against God,> which can carry a death sentence. She is accused of <setting fire> to a base of the paramilitary Basij force on Taleqani Street in the city of Golpayegan last year and of<communicating> with an alleged member of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI). While in custody, Yavari was subjected to torture, deprived of medicine, and threatened that her son would be sentenced to 15 years in prison if she did not <confess.>
IranWire's source said that Masoomeh Yavari was arrested on September 5 at her home in Golpayegan, Isfahan province. Her son Mohammad Mehdi, a second-year student at Isfahan's University of Medical Sciences, was taken into custody two weeks later after he inquired about his mother's situation and tried to provide her with the medications she needed.
Yavari is in a critical health condition.
She underwent disk surgery several years ago and, due to severe back pain, she could only work in a seated position before her arrest. She also suffers from thyroid disease and heart arrhythmia, a condition that occurs when the electrical signals that tell the heart to beat don't work properly.
The source said that Yavari confessed to crimes she had not committed to spare her son from a 15-year prison sentence: <She was coerced and threatened to confess acts such as setting fire to the Basij base, even though she has nothing to do with that. She was forced to 'confess' to many other things she hadnít done, and her health would not have allowed her to do them.> <The primary reason for the arrest seems to be the alleged setting fire to the Basij base. Their witness is Yavari's neighbor, an intelligence officer who reported she had suspicious movements.>
IranWire has obtained medical documents related to Yavari's lumbar disc condition.
It remains unclear how the Islamic Republic of Iran's security and judicial system could possibly accuse a person in such a physical condition of setting fire to a base.
Confession Under Threat
IranWire's source said that Yavari rejected the charges against her during the initial two weeks of her detention, despite experiencing severe pain and being denied sedatives: <After the arrest of Mohammad Mahdi, they showed her his picture and insisted that she confess or he would otherwise be given a 15-year [prison] sentence.> Yavari finally admitted guilt, saying: <Even if you say I killed someone, I'm willing to accept everything for the sake of my children. I will sign whatever you put in front of me.> Yavari faces the charge of <waging war against God> due to her connection with Shabnam Maddzadeh, whom Iran's security apparatus described as <a leader of hypocrites,> in reference to PMOI members. The source said that she encountered Madadzadeh in 2009, when the two women were incarcerated in the same ward. At that time, Madadzadeh, a student activist, was imprisoned because of her sister's alleged membership in the PMOI. She left Iran after her release. Yavari was arrested for participating in protests against the results of the 2009 presidential election. She was also later released.>>

Iranwire - 16 Nov 2023
<<Under Intense Pressure, Family Of Slain Iranian Protester Cancels Memorial
The family of a 26-year-old Iranian protester killed a year ago says it has canceled a planned ceremony commemorating the first anniversary of his death after coming under intense pressure from security forces. Milad Saeedianjo's brother, Omid, said on his Instagram page that the ceremony, scheduled for November 16 at the gravesite in Rasfand village, <will not be held.> The move came in the wake of the arrest three days ago of Saeedianjo's sister, Zahra, who has been detained multiple times in the past year. <We are all in a bad state....Above all, mom is in a very bad state. Only Zahra could calm her but Zahra is not here. What should we do? What did we do? How much pain should we suffer?> Omid asked. Last month, Zahra announced she had been attacked by unknown individuals on a motorcycle. Earlier, she was dismissed from her job as a nurse in a children's hospital in Tehran. Milad Saeedianjo was killed on November 16, 2022, in Izeh when government forces opened fire on protesters on the evening of November 16, 2022.>>

Iranwire - 16 Nov 2023
<<UN Committee Condemns Massive Rights Violations in Iran
The UN General Assemblyís committee on social, humanitarian and cultural issues has approved a resolution condemning the widespread and serious violations of human rights committed by the Islamic Republic of Iran since the eruption of nationwide protests in September last year. The resolution, drafted by Canada, was passed by the Third Committee of the 78th General Assembly on November 15 by a vote of 80 in favor to 29 against, with 65 abstentions. The text condemns the use of <mass arrests and arbitrary detention, the disproportionate use of forc...and the imposition and carrying out of the death penalty against those connected to the protests.> It also expresses <serious concern at reports of ill-treatment during arrest, physical and psychological abuse, and physical violence in detention, including sexual and gender-based violence.> The Iranian deputy UN envoy, Zahra Ershadi, rejected the resolution, calling it <biased and politically motivated.> Abram Paley, the US deputy special envoy for Iran, said on the social media platform X that the United States stands with the people of Iran <as they continue their fight against oppression and violence and for a free and democratic future.>
More than 500 people were killed by Iranian security forces and over 20,000 were unlawfully detained during the monthslong unrest sparked by the September 2022 death of Mahsa Amini while in police custody for allegedly wearing a headscarf improperly. Following biased trials, the judiciary has handed down stiff sentences, including the death penalty, to protesters. Seven of them have been executed so far. In its resolution, the Third Committee condemns the <alarmingly high frequency of the imposition of the death penalty and significant increase in the carrying-out of the death penalty by the Islamic Republic of Iran in violation of its international obligations, including executions undertaken against persons on the basis of forced confessions and without fair trial and due process.> It calls on the authorities to cease the <widespread and systematic> use of arbitrary arrests and detention and calls for an end to the practice of <deliberately denying prisoners access to adequate medical treatment and supplies, safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, or making such access contingent upon confession, as well as the use of sexual and gender-based violence, including rape, against prisoners.> The resolution also condemns the <intensified, targeted repression of women and girls, both online and offline,> and <strongly urges the Islamic Republic of Iran to eliminate, in law and in practice, all forms of systemic discrimination and verbal and physical harassment against women and girls.> The Islamic Republic mandates that all women in Iran cover their hair with a headscarf and wear loose-fitting trousers under their coats, but a growing number of them have appeared in public without hijab over the past year. Some of these defiant women were arrested, were summoned by the authorities, and faced legal proceedings. Hundreds of small businesses and shopping malls have been shut down under the accusation of failing to enforce hijab rules on their customers.>>

Nasrin Sotouteh
Iranwire - 15 Nov 2023
<<Jailed Iranian Rights Lawyer Sotoudeh Released on Bail
Prominent Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh has been released from Tehran's Evin prison after 17 days of detention. Her husband, Reza Khandan, said on the social media platform X that she was released on November 15 after posting bail. Sotoudeh was among dozens of people violently arrested during the October 29 funeral of Armita Garavand, a 16-year-old girl who was fatally assaulted at a Tehran metro station for not wearing a headscarf. The activist, aged 60, was after her arrest moved to Qarchak women's prison outside Tehran and subsequently to Evin. Sotoudeh, who has spent much of the past decade in and out of prison serving a myriad of sentences in cases linked to her activism, began a hunger and medication strike after her latest arrest. The New York-based Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) said it was <pleased> about her release, but warned there are numerous individuals still detained <whose plight should not be forgotten.> The United States has condemned the Iranian authorities' <violent assault and unjust detention> of human rights defenders during Armita's funeral and their <campaign of violence against the women and girls.> >>

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