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Gino d'Artali
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'I will resist': Afghan female journalists defy taliban pressure.
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When one hurts or kills a women
one hurts or kills hummanity and is an antrocitie.
Gino d'Artali
and: My mother (1931-1997) always said to me <Mi figlio, non esistono notizie <vecchie> perche puoi imparare qualcosa da qualsiasi notizia.> Translated: <My son, there is no such thing as so called 'old' news because you can learn something from any news.>
Gianna d'Artali

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The Guardian
25 Dec 2022
By Rajeev Syal
<<Home Office accused of breaking pledge to tackle violence against women
The Home Office has been accused of breaking a promise made after the murder of Sarah Everard to elevate violence against women and girls to the same status as terrorism. Police forces are not yet requi-red to make a group of misogynistic crimes such as rape, stalking and upskirting a major priority because of a failure to issue a propo-sed government directive, Labour said. Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary, said the government department was breaking a specific pledge made in March to introduce new priorities to protect women and girls. <This is a shameful failure by the Conservatives to keep the basic promise it made nearly a year ago. Their complete lack of action or urgency is letting women and girls down,> said Cooper. <Labour pushed for violence against women and girls to be prioritised by police for months. For the Tories to have promised it but failed to deliver is unforgivable, and shows just how weak and unreliable they are.> The former home secretary Priti Patel said in March that violence against women and girls would be made a strategic policing requirement, a national initiative that sets out what resources police forces must deploy to respond effectively to specific crimes. The pledge was meant to implement one of the recommendations by His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) in a report into violence against women and girls – commissioned as part of the response to the mur-der of Everard in March 2021 by a serving police officer. The HMICFRS report noted that other women were recent victims of male violence, including Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman, Gracie Spinks and Julia James. In November 2021, the Times reported that violence against women and girls would be added to the strategic policing require-ment. <It is an acknowledgment by ministers that there is an epidemic of violence against women that needs to be one of the most urgent national crimefighting priorities,> the newspaper said.
Patel said that adding violence against women and girls to the stra-tegic policing requirement placed it on the same strategic footing as terrorism, serious organised crime and child sexual abuse. <By ac-cepting all of the recommendations in the HMICFRS report I commis-sioned last year, the government and the police are doubling down to support victims and survivors and punish perpetrators,> she said.
But nine months later, Labour says police forces have not received any formal notification of the long-awaited strategic policing requi-rement (SPR).>>
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Womens News Agency
21 Dec 2022
<<Man arrested for raping two children
Amed (Diyarbakır)- The rate of sexual assault and incest cases against women and girls is on the rise in Turkey. One of the incest cases has recently emerged in the Bismil district of Amed. According to the received reports, two siblings were subjected to rape by their 24-year-old stepbrother namely E.O. for two years. The incident was revealed when their mother realized the situation and filed a criminal complaint against E.O. After the criminal complaint, the children we-re transferred to the Child Monitoring Center (Cocuk Izleme Merkezi- CIM).
The arrest of the perpetrator
On December 14, the statements of the mother and children were taken in the presence of a psychologist. E.O. has been reportedly arrested for rape in the first degree.>>

Womens News Center
16 Dec 2022
<<Woman killing abuser in self-defense sent to prison
News Center- Women are left unprotected by Turkey's judiciary system. While the perpetrators of femicide and violence against women are rewarded with impunity or released by courts pending trials, women who kill in self-defense face heavy prison sentences. On December 12, Ayse Temel, who lives in the Selcuklu district of Konya province, killed Murat Can Eskici in self-defense while pro-tecting herself from being raped. Ayse Temel has been sent to prison by a court. In her statement, Ayse Temel said that Murat Can Eskici had systematically raped her for three years and threatened her to rape her child, too. According to the received report, Murat Can Ekici had previously raped one of his relatives.>>

France 24
14 Dec 2022
Video , 0.3.21 min., by Juliette Montilly
<<Fear persists 10 years after Delhi gang rape and murder
Ten years ago the brutal gangrape and murder of a young woman on a Delhi bus horrified the world and shone a spotlight on high rates of sexual violence in India. In 2020, four of the six attackers - one died in jail, another was a juvenile - were hanged. But a decade after the assault many women are still scared to travel at night in India's capital, a sprawling metropolis of 20 million people.>>
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Womens News Agency
9 Dec 2022
<<'Women's shelters are like prisons for women'
Amed - There are only 145 women's shelters with a capacity of 3,482 across Turkey. According to Turkey's Municipality Law (Law No. 5393), metropolitan municipalities and municipalities with a popu-lation of more than 100,000 must open shelters for women and chil-dren. Other municipalities may open shelters for women and children based on an assessment of their financial means and service priori-ties. Despite this article, the number of women's shelters in each ci-ty is not more than one. Ezgi Celik, volunteer of the Purple Roof Women's Shelter Foundation (Turkish: Mor Catı Kadın Sıgınagı Vakfı) said that the number of women's shelters is insufficient in the coun-try while the number of women being subjected to violence increases every day. She also emphasized that many women, who stay in wo-men's shelters, have to return to their homes where they are subjec-ted to violence after being subjected to maltreatment in the women's shelters.
'The capacity of the existing shelters is insufficient'
She defines women’s shelters as the places established to protect women, who escape from domestic violence and intimate partner violence. <Women’s shelters are not guesthouses for women; they are the places where women take shelter to escape from violence. As NGOs, only our foundation has a women's shelter in Turkey,> she told us. Stating that municipalities and the Ministry of Family and Social Services also have women's shelters, Ezgi Celik thinks the number of women's shelters in Turkey is insufficient while the number of women being subjected to violence increases every day.
<There are only 145 women's shelters in a country with a population of 80 million. This number is insufficient because the number of women, who are subjected to violence, increases in the country every day. The capacity of the existing shelters is also insufficient,> Ezgi Celik told NuJINHA.>>
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The Guardian
7 Dec 2022
By Ramon Antonio Vargas
<<More women accuse US doctor who died by suicide of raping them while they were sedated
A doctor in Florida who recently died by suicide after being arrested on allegations that he drugged and raped two patients is now accu-sed of similarly attacking at least three other women under his care.
As of Tuesday, five patients of Eric Salata's Pura Vida cosmetic sur-gery clinic in Naples had gone to police there and reported that the physician had either sexually assaulted them or attempted to during medical procedures, Adam Horowitz, an attorney for one of the wo-men, said on Tuesday. Horowitz added that the five women had filed about 11 police reports in total accusing Salata. The latest allega-tions against Salata came about eight days after his body was found in a woodland. Investigators determined he had shot himself while out on bond a week after police arrested him on suspicion of raping two of his patients while they were unconscious. Officers alleged that Salata incapacitated one of the patients - aged 51 - with laughing gas, the anti-anxiety medication Xanax and tequila, which the doctor claimed were forms of pain relief for the procedure she had hired him to perform. The other of those surgical patients, who was 72, reported that Salata raped her – leaving her lip bruised - after administering laughing gas to her. Naples police arrested Salata on 21 November, after which he was released on bond. A third woman with similar allegations against Salata then came forward after his arrest made the news. On 28 November, deputies with the sheriff's office in Collier county - which includes Naples - responded to a request to check on Salata after he left his home leaving behind two notes, his wedding ring and his credit cards, according to a police report obtained by WINK-TV. That report redacted the notes' contents. But deputies ultimately went to the last known location of Salata, who was wearing an ankle monitor that a judge had ordered to track his movements while he was out on bond. There, authorities said they found his corpse in a ditch next to a gun. Investigators have since said they determined that Salata had intentionally shot himself in the head. Word of Salata's growing number of victims on Tuesday came after his arrest and subsequent suicide landed in news headlines across the US. Salata was scheduled for a court appearance on 19 December on the two counts of sexual battery to a physically helpless person with which he had been booked. He could have faced between six and 30 years in prison for either of those charges if convicted.>>
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The Guardian
7 Dec 2022
By Elias Visontay
<<'A cultural reckoning': how an allegation of rape in Australia's parliament sparked a firestorm
It is a case that has shaken Australian politics to its core. An allegation of rape in the nation’s parliament, levelled by a government staffer against a colleague, has led to senior ministers appearing before court, triggered a slew of internal reviews and forced a reckoning over the gendered dynamic and toxic atmosphere plaguing an ecosystem devoid of workplace protections.

While Brittany Higgins’ story has become a mainstay of Australia’s political discourse, in recent days it has taken an extraordinary turn. Last week, before a retrial after the first was abandoned due to juror misconduct, the prosecution of the accused man, Bruce Lehrmann, was aborted out of concern for Higgins’ mental health.

Lehrmann had pleaded not guilty to one charge of sexual intercourse without consent and at all times maintained his innocence and de-nied that any sexual activity occurred between himself and Higgins.
Now, the matter is likely to spill over into a civil case by Higgins against previous government ministers, with a potential multimillion-dollar compensation bill, and defamation claims by Lehrmann against the media and public figures who spoke out about the allegations.
It has also exposed shortcomings of Australia's justice system in dealing with sexual assault claims, especially those at the centre of intense media scrutiny.
The firestorm
On 15 February 2021, Higgins made public the accusations and set off a firestorm. In a sit-down interview, she detailed how after an evening work function in Canberra in March 2019, when she was 24, she and Lehrmann returned to Parliament House, intoxicated, in the early hours of the morning. During the trial, the court heard that Higgins alleged that the pair entered the office of her then boss, Linda Reynolds - a senior member of the conservative Liberal party and coalition that was then in government - where Lehrmann raped her. Higgins claimed she lost consciousness and woke up on a sofa in the office to find Lehrmann on top of her. Lehrmann has repeated-ly denied this version of events. The court heard that records showed Lehrmann left parliament about an hour after arriving, and that a se-curity guard found Higgins naked on the sofa hours later.>>
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