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Shireen Abu Akleh - Copyright Al Jazeera 
Find and read below all about how Al Jazeera and other international press reported about this horendous killing and devastating loss for I daresay all of us.

18 August 2022: Al Jazeera commemorates 100 days since Abu Akleh's killing
The aftermath part 6 21 Sep- 1 Sep 2022
The aftermath part 5 19-5 August 2022
The aftermath part 4 12 July-29 June 2022
The aftermath part 3 29 June-31 May 2022

The assasination.
14-11 May 2022
International press:
The Palestine/US journalist Shireen Abu Akleh aka 'Jazeerian' shot through the head and slaughtered by an Israeli sniper.


The aftermath.
International press:
Part 2: 27-13 May 2022
<<Al Jazeera}Mubasher
May 27 2022
'Vice President of the Qatari <Shura>: Sherine’s assassination is an attempt to silence the voice of truth and free speech.

Part 1: 11-18 may 2022
<Arwa Mahdawi
Shireen Abu Akleh was a lifeline for Palestinians – and her killing has shaken us to the core.>




The Guardian
21 Sep 2022
By Bethan McKernan in Jerusalem
<<Shireen Abu Akleh's family submits complaint to ICC.
The family of Shireen Abu Akleh has formally submitted a complaint to the international criminal court (ICC) including evidence from a new report that found the veteran Palestinian-American journalist was deliberately killed by Israeli forces. <The evidence is overwhelming. It's been over four months since Shireen was killed. Our family shouldn’t have to wait another day for justice,> her family wrote in a statement after the official submission at The Hague on Tuesday. <It’s obvious that Israeli war criminals cannot investigate their own crimes. The US still has an obligation to investigate and take meaningful action for one of their own citizens. But when an individual state fails to protect its own citizens, it's the respon-sibility of the international community to protect them instead.>
Abu Akleh, 51, a well-known figure in the Arab world, was shot in the head in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin in May while covering an Israel Defence Forces (IDF) raid.>>
Read more here:

The Guardian
26 Sep 2022
By Chris Mc Greal
<<US senators refuse to let killing of Shireen Abu Akleh drop with with Israel.
Israel has declared the case closed. The US state department has done its best to duck difficult questions. But leading members of the US Congress are refusing to drop demands for a proper accounting of the death of the Palestinian American journalist, Shireen Abu Akleh, four months ago. The longest-serving member of the US Senate, Patrick Leahy, recently upped the ante by warning that Israel's failure to fully explain the Al-Jazeera reporter’s killing could jeopardize America’s huge military aid to the Jewish state under a law he sponsored 25 years ago cutting weapons supplies to countries that abuse human rights. Nearly half of the Democratic members of the Senate have signed a letter calling into question Israel's claim that Abu Akleh was accidentally shot by a soldier. The letter sug-gests she may have been targeted because she was a journalist.
The Biden administration is also facing a flurry of legislative amen-dments and letters from members of Congress demanding that the state department reveal what it knows about Abu Akleh's death and that the FBI launch an independent investigation. Few think there is much prospect of the US actually cutting its $3.8bn a year in military aid to Israel in the near future, but it is politically significant that so many senior Democrats have signed on to publicly challenge Israel, which has frequently been able to count on solid bipartisan support in America. Although criticism has focused on Abu Akleh's death, the demands for accountability come as Israeli killings of Palestinians have escalated while Jewish settlers in the West Bank appear to have been given free rein at times to attack Palestinians and take over their land. Dylan Williams, senior vice-president of policy and strategy at the Washington-based campaign group J Street, which describes itself as <pro-Israel and pro-peace>, said the demands for justice for Abu Akleh reflect broader concerns.>>
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Opinion by Gino d'Artali: Israel has never aimed for or wanted i.e. wants a two nations deal. Instead they simply want to get, no matter the costs of Palestinian lives, the billions of us dollars keep coming their way.

Al Jazeera
9 July 2022
By Andrew Mitrovica
<<The US probe into Abu Akleh's death: Accessories to murder
It is no surprise that the US investigation on the origin of the bullet that killed the Al Jazeera journalist turned out to be 'inconclusive'.
America's diplomats are accessories to the murder of an American citizen – Shireen Abu Akleh.
I know that. You know that. They know that. And, of course, Palestinians know that.
America's diplomats will never admit publicly that they are accessories to the murder of a fellow American by an Israeli soldier on May 11, 2022. But that is what they are – accessories after the fact. If the delicate functionaries at the State Department are offended or worse, outraged, by my indictment – tough. I'm offended and outraged that an Al Jazeera journalist was shot in the head for doing her job and her killer will not only get away with it, but was celebrated by giddy, flag-draped religious fanatics as a <hero> for murdering a Palestinian.
Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his complicit company never intended to fulfil their duty as diplomats – protect, defend and win <justice> for an American citizen who was shot in the head by killers in fatigues working for a foreign power. Instead, Blinken and the complicit company have done what America's diplomats have always done when Israel evicts, jails, tortures, shoots and bombs innocents in occupied Palestine again and again – protect and defend an apartheid state again and again, no matter the weight or breadth of its guilt. As a corollary to this, from the moment Abu Akleh was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier and left face down in a ditch, America's diplomats, including Secretary Blinken, have been party to a sick, but predictable, pantomime.
I know that. You know that. They know that. And, of course, Palestinians know that.
America's diplomats, including Secretary Blinken, will never admit this publicly, as well. But that is what they have done from May 11 to today. They have pretended to care – hand on heart – about who murdered Abu Akleh and employ the immense might and influence of the US government to hold the killer of an American citizen that they were solemn-oath-bound to protect and defend to tangible account.
We have witnessed a sorry performance by duplicitous diplomats who know how to lie with such ease and practised gravitas. It is plain to anyone outside the Ivy League careerists who populate <Foggy Bottom,> that Blinken and complicit company do not consider Abu Akleh an American citizen worthy of their time, energy or interest.
She was, after all, also a Palestinian. America's diplomats have always judged Palestinians – girls and boys, women and men, journalists and labourers – as expendable and forgettable human fodder.
I know that. You know that. They know that. And, of course, Palestinians know that.
As a fitting measure, I suppose, of just how expendable and for-gettable Shireen Abu Akleh was, America's diplomats, including Secretary Blinken, reduced the established, incriminating circum-stances of her murder to a cryptic, three-paragraph footnote on Monday. The footnote oozes with even more state-sanctioned evasions and lies delivered with the imprimatur of the Department of State’s official seal. The first evasion concerns the bullet that pierced Abu Akleh's skull. On July 2, Al Jazeera reported that the Palestinian Authority (PA) had “handed over” the bullet to “US forensic experts” for examination after it received <guarantees> that Israel would not be involved in the analysis. Two days later, Blinken and complicit company wrote: <After an extremely detailed forensic analysis, independent, third-party examiners, as part of a process overseen by the US Security Coordinator (USSC), could not reach a definitive conclusion regarding the origin of the bullet …[because] the bullet was badly damaged, which prevented a clear conclusion.>
How convenient.
Blinken and complicit company did not provide any details about who conducted the <extremely detailed forensic analysis,> where the <ex-tremely detailed forensic analysis> was conducted, or what constitutes an <extremely detailed forensic analysis.> I gather we are obliged, at this point at least, to take the word of Blinken and complicit company on this lethal score.
I don't. You shouldn't.
My doubts about the sincerity of the <extremely detailed forensic analysis> were confirmed when a copy of the <extremely detailed forensic analysis> was not attached to the three-paragraph footnote.
Such an instructive shame, that.>>
Do read more here, Shireen Abu Akleh deserves it:

Al Jazeera
8 Sep 2022
Opinion by Somdeep Sen
Associate Professor of International Development Studies at Roskilde University
<<The EU is not an honest broker between Israel and Palestine
The very DNA of the Israel-EU relationship reveals that on Palestinian rights, Brussels won't do much.
In late June this year, the European Union announced that it would resume funding for two Palestinian NGOs — Al-Haq and the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights. It had suspended financial support in May 2021 after Israeli authorities supplied the European Commission with a dossier that claimed that six Palestinian NGOs, including Al-Haq, were funnelling EU funds to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which Israel describes as a <terrorist organisation>. A few months later the Israeli defence ministry extended that <terrorist> designation to these NGOs, too. EU authorities have found <no suspicions of irregularities and/or fraud>. Still, on August 18, Israeli forces raided the offices of seven Pales-tinian nonprofits in the occupied West Bank. Be it in response to the unfounded allegations in the 2021 dossier, the raids or the all-too-frequent military onslaughts on Gaza, the EU has done little to hold Israel accountable besides ritual but ineffectual expressions of con-cern. In fact, the EU recently reiterated its commitment to develo-ping closer diplomatic ties and agreed to resume meetings of the EU-Israel Association Council. This is not a diplomatic lapse or mis-step. It’s important to understand that this impunity is guaranteed in the terms and conditions of EU-Israel relations, where political and economic relations are in no way contingent on the nature of the latter's conduct towards Palestinians. As a result, Israel can willfully violate Palestinian rights, without fear of significant retribution from the EU, its biggest trade partner. All carrot, no stick
The EU-Israel Association Agreement (pdf) was ratified by EU mem-ber states' parliaments, the European Parliament and the Knesset and entered into force in 2000, after decades of evidence of Israeli violations of Palestinian rights. The agreement specifically mentions <human rights and democracy> as the basis of the association agreement. Political dialogue between Israel and the EU is meant to develop <mutual understanding and solidarity> and <convergence of positions on international issues>. Yet there is nothing in the do-cument that recognises the struggle for Palestinian independence from Israel. Vague references to peace, democracy and human rights don't do much when the <international issue> they relate to – the wider politics of Israeli settler colonial rule over Palestinian lands – is not specified. In this sense, the association is all <carrot> and no <stick> and it is no surprise that Israel enthusiastically signed the Association Agreement in 1995. Under the European Neighbourhood Policy, the EU and Israel also signed the 2005 Action Plan (pdf) which specifically addresses <the Israeli/Palestinian conflict> and the commitment of the EU, as a member of the Quartet — a group also including the United States, United Nations and Russia — to the two-state solution. Yet the burden of responsibility for promoting <peace and stability in the Middle East> doesn’t seem to fall on Israel. The Action Plan does note that Israel must adhere to in-ternational law, minimise the impact of Israel's <security and counterterrorism measures> on civilians, ensure the safe movement of <civilians and goods> and safeguard <property, institutions and infrastructure>. There are also generic references to <improving economic and social conditions> of all populations. However, the overall purpose is not driven by Palestinian rights, sovereignty or liberation. Who is responsible for peace? Not Israel. Rather, the insinuation is that Palestinians are the problem and a hindrance to securing peace and stability. Under the Action Plan, Israel and the EU are responsible for supporting the Palestinian Authority (PA) in its efforts to <dismantle all terrorist capabilities and infrastructure> and put an end to <terrorist activities and violence>. Israel and the EU are also responsible for supporting and facilitating good gover-nance, transparency, accountability, democratic reform and conso-lidation of security services in the PA. In its conception of the Middle East Peace Process, the EU does underline its commitment to the two-state solution. However, while promising to make security arran-gements aimed at ensuring Palestinian sovereignty, the EU also refers to its desire that such a state is <based on the rule of law and respect of human rights>. The subtext here is that the lack of sovereignty is somehow a consequence of Palestinian failure to assuage Israel's security concerns.
The EU is not an honest stakeholder
Read more here:
Embedded is also a PDF titled: 'The EU-Israel Association Agreement'

Middle East Monitor
7 Sep 2022
<<Al Jazeera slams Israel attempt to evade responsibility for journalist's murder.
Al Jazeera has condemned the Israeli occupation forces' (IOF) attempt to evade responsibility for the killing of its journalist, Shireen Abu Akleh, in May. This came after the Israeli army published the results of its investigation into Abu Akleh's killing, which concluded that there is a <high probable> that the Palestinian-American journalist was <accidentally hit> by Israeli fire, adding that it would not be launching a criminal investigation into the actions of any soldier. <Al Jazeera Media Network denounces the findings of this investigation and stresses that this elusive ad-mission is nothing but an attempt from the IOF to evade the res-ponsibility for the killing of Shireen, which has been proven by num-erous independent and international criminal investigations,> the Qatar -based TV network said in a statement on Monday. <The Network demands that an independent international body inves-tigates the assassination of Shireen Abu Akleh to achieve justice for her, her family, and fellow missionaries around the world.>>
Read more here:

The Guardian
7 Sep 2022
By Chris McGreal in New York
<<US senator rejects Israeli army report on killing of Palestinian American reporter.
A US senator has dismissed an Israeli army report that claims a soldier accidentally killed the Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh in the midst of a gun battle, saying it is unsupported by the evidence. Chris Van Hollen, a Democratic senator for Maryland, repeated his call for an independent US investigation into Abu Aqleh's killing in the West Bank in May, saying that the United Nations and reconstructions by major news outlets found that the Al Jazeera television journalist was not in the immediate vicinity of fighting with Palestinian militants and could not have been caught in the crossfire.
Chris Van Hollen, a Democratic senator for Maryland, repeated his call for an independent US investigation into Abu Aqleh's killing in the West Bank in May, saying that the United Nations and reconstructions by major news outlets found that the Al Jazeera television journalist was not in the immediate vicinity of fighting with Palestinian militants and could not have been caught in the crossfire. <The crux of the 'defense' in this IDF [Israel Defence Forces] report is that a soldier was 'returning fire' from militants> when Abu Aqleh was struck, Van Hollen tweeted. <But investigations … found no such firing at the time. This underscores need for independent US inquiry into this American journalist's death.> On Monday, more than four months after her killing, Israel finally admitted it was <highly probable> that an Israeli soldier shot Abu Aqleh while she was reporting on a military raid on the occupied West Bank city of Jenin. The report said Abu Aqleh was probably shot by an Israeli soldier who was under fire from a group of Palestinian gunmen. It claimed the soldier was using a telescopic sight and misidentified her as one from his armed opponents. The army said no crime was committed so no one will be prosecuted. However, eyewitness accounts and videos of Abu Aqleh and the area around her at the time of her killing do not show a gun battle. She was also wearing body armour and a helmet clearly labelled as <press>. A United Nations investigation said that Israeli soldiers fired <several single, seemingly well-aimed bullets> at Abu Aqleh and other journalists. Investigations by the New York Times, CNN, the Washington Post and other media questioned the official Israeli version of events. The New York Times said there were <no armed Palestinians near her when she was shot> and that its investigation <contradicted Israeli claims that, if a soldier had mistakenly killed her, it was because he had been shooting at a Palestinian gunman>. The Committee to Protect Journalists called the Israeli report <late and incomplete>.>>
Read more here:

By Associated Press
5 Sep 2022
<<Israeli Army: 'High Possibility' Soldier Killed Reporter
By Tia Goldenberg and Ilan Ben Zion
JERUSALEM (AP) — The Israeli army said Monday there was a “high possibility” that a soldier killed a well-known Al Jazeera journalist in the occupied West Bank last May, as it announced the results of its investigation into the killing. In a briefing to reporters, a senior mili-tary official said a soldier opened fire after mistakenly identifying Shireen Abu Akleh as a militant. But he provided no evidence to back up the Israeli claim that Palestinian gunmen were present in the area and said no one would be punished. He also did not address video evidence showing the area to be quiet before Abu Akleh was shot. The conclusions were the closest Israel has come to taking responsibility for her death and followed a series of investigations by media organizations and the United States that concluded Israel either fired, or most likely had fired, the deadly shot. But they were unlikely to put the matter to rest. <He misidentified her,> the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity under military briefing guidelines. <His reports in real time...absolutely point to a misidentification.> Abu Akleh was wearing a helmet and a vest identifying her as press when she was killed in May while covering Israeli military raids in the occupied West Bank. The 51-year-old Palestinian-American had covered the West Bank for two decades and was a well-known face across the Arab world. The Palestinians, and Abu Akleh's family, have accused Israel of intentionally killing her, and her death remains a major point of contention between the sides.>>
Read more here:
Opinion by Gino d'Artali: And I almost wrote 'read more lies here' but I of course leave it up to you what are lies. Shireen Abu Aqleh-Aftermath6-2.htmne thing is for sure: The truth will come out and justice will prevail.

2 Sep 2022
<<National Press Club Honors Shireen Abu Akleh.
Al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Akleh who was killed on May 11, 2022, while reporting from the West Bank during an Israeli military operation was honored last night at the National Press Club in Washington during the club's 49th Annual National Press Club Journalism Awards Dinner. Al Jazeera DC Bureau Chief Abderahim Foukara noted that the shooting of his colleague by the Israeli military illustrated that the world is <rife with impunity> towards journalists and called for justice for Shireen and an end to impunity for those who kill journalists from ever being prosecuted for their crimes. He assured those present that Al Jazeera would pursue those responsible for her killing and would <leave no stone unturned> in order to seek justice for Shireen. National Press Club President Jen Judson made the presentation of the 2022 President's Award to Shireen Abu Akleh’s niece Lina Abu Akleh honoring her aunt's life's work. During her acceptance speech she noted that her Aunt Shireen was <my best friend, my role model and my source of inspiration> and that to date no one has been held accountable for her killing. <As a US citizen and journalist, we had expected from the U.S. president he would take the case seriously as in similar cases, but we will never relent in bringing justice for Shireen.> Today a news conference was held at the club with remarks by President Judson who noted that it had been 100 days since the killing of Shireen with no one being held responsible. <That tells the world if you shoot a journalist, it can go unpunished. And if journalists don't feel protected less will take that risk to shine the light on where it is critically needed.> Niece Lena Abu Akleh spoke briefly by saying that <No action from the U.S. administration> has taken place for accountability and justice in undertaking an open, transparent and timely investigation. The family has been very frustrated and dis-appointed at the lack of movement calling for real action in holding the Israeli Army and the solider responsible to be held accountable for the killing of her aunt. She also noted that on World Press Freedom Day this year President Biden specifically called out the plight endured by female journalists in being killed, jailed, raped, threatened, and harassed. <Women journalists, long a minority in the newsroom, are disproportionately targeted, on-and offline, in these attacks.> Inspired by his statement the family wants him to now stand by his words in bringing about a complete and in-depth investigation surrounding her death.>>
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