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Welcome to, formerly known as.Womens Liberation Front.  A website that hopes to draw and keeps your attention for  both the global 21th. century 3rd. feminist revolutution as well and a selection of special feminist artists and writers.

This online magazine will be published evey six weeks and started February 1st. 2019. Thank you for your time and interest.

Gino d'Artali
depth and investigative journalist
and radical feminist










                                                                                                            CRYFREEDOM 2019/2020


How to 'read' the symbols of the pages:

We, my colleagues and me, too often are said <your news is old> but my Mother (Gianna d'Artali 1931 untill 1996) always said: <No news is old news because you can always learn from it.>. When you often experience reading an article of as old news you are forgeting that we all have a collective memory.

When I quote from an article I start with << and when quoting from the article itsel I use << is opening quote and >> is closing quote. Unless I continue quoting but with an interval of
.... .
When closing all the quoting I finish with > >> followed by a link to the article.
Also and of course I cannot nor I'm even allowed to quote lenthy parts of an article.

Gino d'Artali, radical feminist, founder and depth investigative journalist of 


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